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For further information on the curriculum we teach, please speak with Mrs Richardson.

Year 6 Hoodies (leaving gift from PTA)

End of Year STEM fun

Pirates of the Curry Bean (end of year performance)

MAY: Daily SPAG Challenge


NSPCC Number Day

April: Daily Maths Challenge

PTA Easter Egg Hunt

W.B. 8th March

1st March

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Awesome Home Learning: 12th February

Daily Maths Challenge Calendar: February

Chinese New Year Shadow Puppets

DT: Making WW2 Gas Masks (10th February)

Children's Mental Health Week Activities: Week Beginning 1st February

8th February

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PE CHALLENGE: 5th February

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Look how much better the children in school got! How did you get on at home? Please send your videos in for the website too. Unfortunately, Mrs. Sleeman and I were unable to film our challenge today will have to wait until next week to see if we manage it!!
Have a lovely weekend everyone. Missing you all terribly.

PE Challenge: 3rd February

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I challenge you to give this a go at home! The Y6 in school today found it very tricky when trying it for the first time......Can they improve??

You will see Mrs. Sleeman and I ( Mrs. R) in action on Friday.....Can we do it? Can we synchronize?? Wait and see !!! It could all go disastrously wrong!!
I would love to see videos of you trying this at home!! Go on, give it a go!!
Monday 1st February 

Adam Bushnell works with Year 6 inspiring them to write their own account as an evacuee during World War II. Through handling real life artefacts and listening to real life events, they were able to incorporate these ideas into their work.

Week Beginning 25th January


Hello my lovely Y6! 


I hope you all enjoyed the first chapter of our class novel: Letters from the Lighthouse. Please make sure you only read the chapters requested on the planning (only chapter 1, this week) as our weekly work will link to specific chapters. 


Thank you for all the fabulous pieces of art sent in- keep those coming. Some formats are trickier to convert than others, for a variety of reasons, so please bear with me as it may take a little time ( and possibly several attempts) to upload them here! There has been several issues with technology this week (and it is only Monday!!!...) so thank you your patience today.


Whilst on the subject.of technology, I have now loaded all your work onto Google Classrooms and sent out all your individual logins and passwords. If you get a chance this week, please have a go at logging on and seeing how it works ready to access ready for next week. From next week, you will be able to submit your work onto it. This week please send in the two pieces (highlighted on planning) on the usual email.


The answer to Q15 today was on the second line on page 8! If you found it, well done as this was a tricky question!! 


Please make sure you are looking after each other and being kind in these tricky times.


Missing you all enormously, 


Mrs. R ❤

Awesome Art From Home Learners.......Banksy Style!

We will be starting our new class novel on Monday (25th January) so please don't forget to pick up your packs from the office before next week! 😊

Among Us: Mental Maths Reveal......


The imposters were....

Black- the answer was 89, 910

Brown- the answer was 8




The imposters were Yellow - the answer was 11/12 and

Brown - the answer was 15.88.


There were 3 imposters in today's mental maths were ......

White- the answer was  490

Purple- the answer was 756.............and...

Red- the answer was 6.721


Did any of them fool you??? 


The imposters in today's mental maths were ...... Green- the answer was 9.92...and...

Red- the answer was 8883


How did you do? 


The imposters in today's mental maths were ...... Blue- the answer was 32.54....and...

Pink- the answer was 18000.


How did you do? 

Amazon DT Projects (so far) 15th January

We have really enjoyed making our Amazon DT projects this week but we haven't quite all finished yet. Please send pictures of yours from home - we'd love to see them too! 



Friday 15th January

The imposters in today's mental maths were ......

Black- the answer was 2/10 ....and....

White- the answer was 90....AND...

Pink- the answer was 5.25


Did you work out there were THREE  unsafe? Congratulations on being great detectives! I hope you are enjoying our lockdown mental maths with Among Us. We will be doing the same format next week. Have a fabulous weekend everyone.

Thursday 14th January

The imposters in today's mental maths were ......

Green- the answer was 136 ....and....

Blue- the answer was 72.


Did you work who was unsafe? If so, well done!! 

Wednesday 13th January

Sorry - Mrs Richardson is having problems logging on to the website.


The imposters in today's mental maths were

Purple (0.006)

Red (11/18)


Good luck with the next challenge!

Mrs Grabham

TUESDAY 12th January 

The imposters in today's mental maths were ...... Yellow.......Purple......AND .......Black.


Yes, there were THREE imposters today. Were you fooled???

MONDAY 11th January 

The imposters in today's mental maths were ......

Orange- the answer was 21

Brown- the answer was 6912


Did you catch the cheeky imposters who were telling lies???



BBC Lockdown Learning on IPlayer

Well, what a term this has been, Y6! We have been presented with many challenges but, together, we have conquered them all and I couldn't be more proud of every single one of you !! You are an amazing bunch of children with the kindest hearts and unbelievably resilience and determination. Your fabulous pantomine performance, in Cinderella and Rockerfella, has been the cherry on the cake- even Simon Cowell would be impressed! It was absolutely AWESOME!


Thank you so much for all the beautiful cards and extremely thoughtful gifts- I feel very blessed. 


Have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones and be good for Santa! 




Virtual hugs, 


Mrs. Richardson 

Y6 Christmas Party 18.12.20

Finchale Festive Fun Run: 15.12.20

Cinderella Rockafella Dress Rehearsals: W.B. 7th December

Odd Socks Day: 20th November

Children in Need: 13th November

Remembrance Day

Celebrating Maths Week by dressing up as a TT Rock Star

Spooky Challenge....if you dare!


Thank you all for working so hard and being fabulous role models to the rest of the school. You all truly deserve the two class Headteacher Awards received over the last couple of weeks- I am so proud of each and every one of you.  Enjoy the break and stay safe! 

Homework Friday 23rd October

  • Reading comprehension (short task based on given poem)
  • Mathematics revision (short task on place value)
  • Reading book (20mins reading 5 times in the week)
  • Lorna's Creative Challenge (see News and Events: Letters Home for details)
  • Photography competition (see News and Events: Letters Home for details)
  • Talking Homework – Can you think of any examples of how you can be inclusive in school, at home and in any clubs that you attend?


Suggested Tasks:

    • TTRockstars battle ( within Keystage 2 and national)
    • Assignments of spellings on EdShed 

Spooky Day- our scary costumes .........and faces!!!

Harvest Happiness- singing One World

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Friday 2nd October 2020

Don't forget our KS2 battle on TTRockstars! How many points can you earn us? Get playing😎

Eye of the Storm (pilot) by Henry

This week our literacy was based around a film clip called Eye of the Storm.  The Y6 did some fabulous descriptive writing as a result which inspired some amazing artwork.

It was European Languages Day on Saturday 26th September so we celebrated this in school today (Monday 28th September). Although our focus language was French (which we designed posters and board games around), we also enjoyed celebrating and learning about other countries around the world where some of our peers are from. Henry created an awesome Powerpoint about Tremp, Tobi created a fabulous PowerPoint about Hungary and Aryam shared a super poster of Arabic numbers. 

We also shared some yummy French food and enjoyed a wonderful French and Spanish lesson with Mrs. Hamill where we sang and signed!  A brilliant day all round. 

Inspiration Quote

Hello Y6!

Yes, you are in Y6!!! Can you believe it?? Well let me tell you all now how impressed I am with every single one of you and the fabulous attitude to learning you have all shown since returning to school. I know many of you will have been very nervous about coming back (me included!!) but the determination and adaptability you have all shown has simply blown me away. I am so proud of you all already.  Let's keep this going!! 


Keep smiling,


Mrs. Richardson.


Curriculum Information will be uploaded soon

WB: 14.9.20 Recreating Art by Paul Nash

Star in Our Midst

WOW!! WELL DONE ADAM!! But......where's my slice?