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Key Stage 2 Summer 2020

We’ve worked hard together to produce a giant rainbow for our school gates, to hopefully generate some smiles from passers-by and to symbolise hope and happiness during this time. 
Week 9

Silhouette art- fabulous!

Decorating biscuits- yum!

Mysterious mask making....

Week 8 

Celebrating International Nurses Day & the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birth. Tom and Ethan opted to do some collage work and Lucy chose to research and write about nurses from history. Great work, guys!

Sophie shared with us her experience of helping a butterfly to grow at home.

VE Day Celebrations

VE Day picnic

Making VE Day wreaths and poster

Afternoon tea- scones with jam and cream!

KS2 gobbled theirs down so quick we didn't catch it on camera!!🍰☺

Union Jack flag craft

Week 5

Amongst many other things, we have made these awesome miniature planes as part of our VE Day crafts.


Week 4

We have produced our own version of the Titanic from junk modelling.

Playing outside

Practicing our chess skills

Let's go fly a kite

We made up our own games outside with the climbing frame

Making 3D faces in the style of Picasso

Working hard on our English Spring booklets!

Code breaking in Maths!

Getting creative!

30th March- 2nd April

Today we have created our own powerpoints about our favourite book or author. Which book or author would you choose? Why not create your own at home?!

Our bird boxes are coming along nicely.

We have been learning to do some tricky origami.

We had an 'eggciting' time doing an Easter egg hunt with KS1. It was 'eggcellent'!!🐰

Making maths fun with darts!

More storytime with Adam Bushnell. Did you hear the shoutout to our Mr. Addinall? How wonderful!

Morning fitness sessions with Leanne a LK Health and Wellbeing are really testing our stamina...followed by Just Dance!!

More fun with cycling round the track, decorating tea light holders and making Easter cards! We'd love to know what you are up to at home- send us some pictures for the website!

We are loving story time with Adam Bushnell at 2:30pm everyday on YouTube! Try tuning in at home too!📚

More crafts skills😍

Check out our owl weaving skills!!

We have been measuring sections of wood to make bird boxes. Watch out to see how they turn out!!

We have been creating colourful clown pictures.

smiley 23rd-27th March smiley

Arts and crafts :)

We have enjoyed creating our own geometric art outside!

Making time for sports!

We have enjoyed joining in with Leanne from LKFitness to do some workouts!


Children enjoyed painting rainbows in the sunshine.

Time for active play!

In KS2, we have been making time for relaxing reading.

Children in KS2 have been joining in with fitness expert Joe Wicks, following his workouts every morning at 9am to start the day in a positive way!