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Welcome to our mathematics page.

Curriculum Information

Below are the intended mathematics plans for each year group in school.  Staff and pupils will follow this sequence of teaching.  Some areas may need a smaller amount of lessons, whilst others may need a greater amount of time spending on them.  The amount of days for each unit are a guide.

In school, Reception follow White Rose Maths and Number Blocks and in Years 1 - 6, we use White Rose Maths which is supplemented by additional Mathematical Thinking problem solving tasks.

For more information about our approach to maths at Finchale Primary, have a look at the following link from the recent parents meeting.

Mathematics Policies

Please find our Calculations Policies below.  These detail the different methods that children will be using during their mathematics lessons to help them have a firmer understanding of the foundations of mathematics.  Children will use a variety of methods, including using concrete resources (place value charts, place value counters, Base Ten, Numicon etc), using pictorial methods (drawing out the images including bar models, using dots or images to represent the numbers, using counters and drawing counters on a place value chart) and using abstract methods (using numerals to represent a sum or total and written, formal methods).