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School Meals

Stress-free healthy school lunches for your child and easy payment via Arbor! 


Call at the school office or telephone 0191 3865187 to order school lunches for your child. They cost £2.50 per day, £12.50 per week.

School lunches continue to be free for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Please ensure that you give school plenty of notice if you intend to change lunchtime arrangements for your child, as this may impact on our organisation. 

To register for Arbor, please contact the school office. A welcome email with login details will be sent out to you.

For more information about Arbor, visit the link below.





Lunches work on a 3 week repeating pattern:


Week One  |  Week Two  |  Week Three


There is a sign in the kitchen window to let you know the current week.

Menus from September 2022




From September 2022 we have a new contractor, Chartwell's.  They have worked with the local authority to provide a balanced menu over a week, following Government guidelines.  There is always fruit available, and custard with some desserts forms part of the dairy element of a diet.


Our SNAG group (Student Nutrition Action Group) have been involved in producing an updated school food policy which the governing body have accepted. 



The group also reviewed packed lunches which resulted in guidelines based on sensible personal choices not regulation. Families are requested to live within the spirit of the policy helping to keep all of our children safe (those with allergies) and healthy. 


Please can you make sure that you provide your child with a balanced packed lunch with appropriate levels of protein, carbohydrate and fat. We respectfully ask that you do not include:


  • Nuts or any product containing nuts 
  • Fizzy/sugary drinks 
  • Chocolate bars/sweets/confectionery  
  • Fruit bars/ Cereal bars (with hidden nuts & sugar) 
  • Chocolate spread sandwich filling 
  • Chewing gum


Try to achieve a healthy balance e.g. one chocolate biscuit or a small cake is OK, but a bar of chocolate, bag of Haribos or a lollipop is not. One small packet of crisps is fine but have some fresh fruit and veg as well. Make your own sensible decisions for good health!