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Year 6

🌈Welcome to our Year 6 page. 🌈

Welcome, everyone, to Year 6.  Here, you will find out what we have been learning about in class and any special events or visitors we may have had.

Reading Plus

Children in Year 6 now have access to Reading Plus. This is a scheme for reading comprehension and vocabulary that is particularly tailored for your child.  Their log in details have been provided, along with a letter which explains the programme,  We will be using Reading Plus on a regular basis in school and it will also be part of your child's homework each week. It would be helpful if your child could also access this at home in addition to the homework set.  Below I have attached useful information about the programme.


Reading Plus Video - Pupil Dashboard

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Adam Bushnell

We had the pleasure of being treated to a visit from Adam Bushnell.  The focus was World War 1 and what it was like to spend time in the trenches.  We had the opportunity to look at, and hold, memorabilia from World War 1, including Adam’s grandad’s dog tags (authentic) and imitation artillery.  We then considered the sights and smells of life in the trenches before heading outside to build our own imitation trenches. This then led to a descriptive piece of writing about the trenches.

Flanders Fields

As part of our work on World War 1, we have been studying the poem ‘Flanders Fields’. We explored the images that the poem created for us and explained what this meant to us.  We then used a process called Blackout Poetry to create a message within the poem, which we then turned into a poem of their own. We also created a final piece of work where we showed the poem within Flanders Fields using images to support this. All of  the class thoroughly enjoyed this work and we were very proud of what we produced. To support our understanding of why we wear poppies, we investigated the history behind them and then created our own (which you can see them wearing in the photographs).

Remembrance Service

Our Year 6 pupils shared their thoughts of the poem ‘Flanders Fields’ with our Year 3 and Year 4 pupils as part of our Remembrance Service.  They shared how the poem made them feel and how they were grateful for everything that our soldiers have done, so that we can live the life we all live today.  They then shared their own messages they created from within the poem.

SSP Cross Country Event

We took part in a cross country event which was organised by the School Sports Partnership.  We all enjoyed it and it gave us a great understanding of what it would be like to take part in other cross country events.

Firework Poetry

As part of our work on firework safety, poetry and art, we looked at Enid Blyton's poem 'Firework Night'.  This was told from the point of view of a dog on bonfire night. We used this as inspiration to write our own poem from the point of view of an animal.  Some of us created poems to remind us how to be safe on bonfire night.

Year 6 performed the song Harvest Samba to celebrate Harvest.

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