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Information about Google Classrooms & Home Learning

Please see the pdf guides and video tutorials below for help and support on Google Classrooms. There is also a copy of our Home Learning Policy:

A few key points regarding Google Classrooms


  • If needing to access through an app, download the 'Google Drive' app and log in this way with the login details provided by your teacher
  • If you're struggling to view work once signed in on an iPad, this may be due to the iPad model and/or settings but there is a way and it involves only a couple of different steps - you can find a tutorial of the full process on below
  • Firefox is the slowest browser to use so it may be worth downloading a different browser such as Google Chrome (best option), Edge or Explorer. Google Classrooms works on Safari too.
  • Work will be submitted via Google Classrooms from next week and teachers will provide written feedback via this too - instructions for both of these processes can be seen in the guide and on a tutorial video below 
  • If you log in following the guide and/or tutorial, you've tried the above and you can't see anything, you may have issues with your Windows Firewall settings - this may be blocking it.

Logging in and accessing work - a video tutorial

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Handing work into teachers :)

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Viewing feedback on work from teachers

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iPads - Accessing work on some iPads/tablets under some makes/models and some settings

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iPads - how to submit work to a teacher

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Accessing and handing in work on an Android device

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Handing in contributions to the Weekly Finchale Science Challenge

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Statement of Intent

The intent of our Computing curriculum in school is to equip our children to safely use computational thinking skills, digital literacy knowledge and creativity to understand and change the world. Computing allows our children to develop skills in finding, exploring, sharing and presenting information. These skills support our children to problem-solve, investigate and express themselves in a variety of ways, using a variety of forms. We promote the safe use of the internet at the core of our Computing curriculum coverage. Our whole school approach to e-safety helps ensure that we are able to teach children about staying safe when using internet technologies. It also helps make sure pupils themselves know how to behave responsibly online.


Through the teaching of Computing, we prepare children at Finchale for participation in a rapidly changing world where work and leisure activities are increasingly transformed by technology. This is further enhanced by the range of equipment that can be used. We understand that what we are teaching in computing and the tools we use to deliver this at the start of their school career are not likely to be the same as those used when they leave Y6.


Whilst taught as a stand-alone subject, Computing is also valued as a teaching and learning tool across the curriculum. It significantly enhances teaching and learning in all subjects by enabling rapid access to knowledge, information and experiences from a wide range of sources. We endeavour to teach pupils to be selective in their choice of information sources and to understand that not everything on the internet is valid. We are committed to keeping children safe on line and in supporting parents/carers to understand their responsibilities in this area through sharing information eg. leaflets and through presentations. The curriculum has been designed to be progressive and engaging for all year groups.


Follow the link above to access support information on how to support your child with being safe online and on digital devices.