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Year 1

Finchale’s Service of Remembrance

Our sense of smell was extremely good! We didn’t like the strong smell of garlic.

As part of our senses unit in Science, we went on a sensory walk around our school grounds. We found lots of different textures.

We learnt lots of new tricks and exercises today at Gymnastics! We all tried very hard.

We love taking part in daily mindfulness activities like Bat Breathing!

Using our sense of sight, we were looking at the difference between dark and light! Such fun!

In Science, we compared the foot sizes of our whole class. It was very interesting and a little hard!

On European Day of Languages we had so much fun finding out more about the country of Italy!

Today we made a class phonics train using the ‘ai’ digraph

The colour run was great! We were covered in lots of bright colours!

We loved our PE session with our fantastic sports leaders!

Learning about the Zones of Regulation was fun!