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Statement of Intent

It is our belief that all children should have access to the Arts in order to foster a lifelong love and appreciation of this subject. We strive to present children with a diverse range of experiences, so that they can experience the Arts from different cultures and periods of historical significance. At Finchale our children experience the Arts through the Music and Art national curriculum subjects supported by participation in a range of events, visits and performances provided by the school. We encourage pupils to explore the Arts beyond school and celebrate the skills they develop beyond the classroom as well as those developed within school, for example in our ‘Finchale’s Got Talent’ event. We believe this encourages children to appreciate and try a wider range of activities.


Music Statement of Intent

The aim of our Music curriculum is to empower individuals to participate in one of the highest art forms, one which promotes self-confidence, self-esteem and gives all pupils a sense of achievement. We do this by providing opportunities for appreciation, performing, composing and singing alongside opportunities to showcase talents within and beyond our school community. We are committed to inspiring children to develop a life-long love of music, develop creativity, imagination and fostering talents. We actively seek opportunities for our pupils to participate in musical events within our wider community along with other musicians and, on occasion, professionals. We believe these experiences can be inspiring and even life-changing, creating memories which remain forever.


Please find our progressive music curriculum from Reception to Year 6 in the document below.

Our progressive Music curriculum