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English 2022

Author Visits - Adam Bushnell

Year 3 - An Egyptian Adventure with Adam Bushnell

Year 3 enjoyed a visit from Adam Bushnell. They spent the afternoon planning their own Ancient Egyptian story. They first designed and created a mythical temple guardian, before coming up with riddles for the guardian to say. Next they had to design a set of traps for them to get pass, before finally reaching the treasure at the centre of the pyramid. Year 3 wrote some clever and imaginative riddles and are excited to use their planning to write up their Egyptian story 

Some of our amazing writing in Year  2, following our visit from Adam! We were really inspired after our session with Adam and the Great Fire of London descriptions the children produced were fantastic. What do you think?

Year 4's Visit from Adam Bushnell

Year 4 had a great time with Adam Bushnell, exploring their topic Dreamgiver in detail. They made traps to catch a monster from a nightmare and created a plan to write a short narrative about this. They had lots of fun and their narrative writing even helped them to get a class head teacher's award! Well done Year 4!

World Book Day 2022

This year was the 25th anniversary of World Book day with the message for all children

Yoara reader.’



For World Book day, our pupils dressed up as their favourite book characters and each class completed fun activities and shared books and stories with each other. Take a look to see what a fabulous day we had! 

Year 2 really enjoyed reading the story ‘Super Daisy and the Peril of Planet Pea’. The children completed book reviews of the story. Here is what they thought:

Year 3 dressed up as their favourite book characters and wrote a book review of Journey by Aaron Becker.

Year 1 produced some amazing stories of their own on World Book day! Take a look at their fantastic work.

Year 4 had lots of fun on World Book Day writing descriptions of their favourite characters.

Poetry day!

Year 3 wrote their own firework poem using their senses. They then practised reading them aloud, using lots of expression, before performing them to the class.

Useful webistes!

Celebration of Reading Day 2021!

Pirate stories and Treasure Island inspired classroom doors!

This year, at Finchale, we decided as a staff to challenge the children with our own version of 'The Masked Reader!' becasue we couldn't come together as a whole school as we normally would, to share a story or poem. The children absolutely loved playing the 'Masked Reader', working togehter to figure out which staff member was reading a poem to them! Can you complete our 'Masked Reader' challenge?