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June 2022

Royal Afternoon Tea

A cup of tea!

Jubilee Crafts

Jubilee Buffet Lunch

Superveggies have landed!

We had a super day making our veggies into Superveggies!

Captain Chemistry came to school today to help us investigate superpowers.

Testing materials to see which makes the best cape

Testing materials to see how strong they are...

Testing materials to see how warm they would keep you

Investigating the power of magnetism

These magnets attracted through our fingers!

Can we move the empty can without touching it?

First we tried by using our minds!

Richard rubbed a balloon on his hair and then held it next to the can, it moved!

Then we all had a turn...

We could even move the water running out of the tap!

The balloon even stuck to the ceiling!

We used invisible ink and UV light to see what had been drawn!

May 2022

A walk around the local area to see what was available for the community


P.E. - Ball Skills

April 2022

March 2022

Observational Drawings - daffodils

On our walk today, we looked for signs of Spring. 

Our Biscuit Investigation 

We tested Bourbons, Malted Milks and Custard Creams to see which was the soggiest. We dunked and held them in a glass of water and watched carefully to see when they would go soggy and start to crumble. We used a timer. 

We learned about Down’s Syndrome, talked about our differences and how they should be celebrated. 

We wore odd socks to add an extra difference.

World Book Day

We enjoyed our first visit out of school. We went to a sports festival at New College, Durham.

Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day

The children chose a topping, added it and then enjoyed eating the pancake!

February 2022

Look who came to visit us today - Toady the Toad! We all took a look and then released him back to the wild.

NSPCC Number Day

We wore outfits inspired by numbers.

We took part in a number hunt.

We each made a number track showing Chinese Numerals.

January 2022

Enjoying gymnastics in P.E. - balancing, jumping, egg rolls, bunny hops, star jumps and speed bouncing were among the stations today.

Today was a great day for a winter walk around the school grounds. We talked about how things have changed since our autumn walk. We looked for items on a checklist.

December 2021

We finished the term with an outdoor Christmas singalong.

It’s Party Day!!!

Party Clothes

Party Games

A Special Visitor!!!

Smoke Alarm Testing - as part of the visit from the firefighters we talked about the importance of having smoke alarms in our homes and testing them every week.

Christmas Jumper Day

Festive Fun Run

Listen to the instructions and read the rules!

Ready, Steady, Go!

Tinsel Limbo

Dodge the bauble throwing reindeer!

Match the snowman’s buttons...

Jump over the Christmas hurdles!

We're loving our weekly bike sessions with Darren!


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November 2021

Look what surprised us at school today!

We pretended to be firefighters by using the hose!

We had a look inside the fire engine.

We enjoyed a non-uniform day for Children in Need. Our theme was of course Pudsey and Blush Bears as well as 'Spots, Stripes & Sparkles', what can you see?

We wore odd socks and talked about how we are individuals as part of our Kindness Week, linked to the national Anti-Bullying Week.

In maths, we have been looking at shapes. One of our creative tasks involved looking at a painting by an artist called Kandinsky then having a go at producing one of our own in the same style.

Remembrance Day

We attended a service in our memorial garden.

We made a poppy, choosing from a selection of different media.


We sculpted a Diya lamp from salt dough...

We made Rangoli patterns using powdered rice.

On November 5th we had a whole school poetry day. We thought about the sounds fireworks make and what they look like in the sky. We used these words to create a poem. Watch us perform the poem!

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