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Maths Activities 2019-2020

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Maths Activities at Home and at School

Here are some of the maths activities we have been doing at home and at school:

Please have a look at the wonderful work our children in Reception have been doing during their Pirate themed week. Well done, Reception. You are fabulous!



Hello and welcome to our Maths page,  I am Mrs Sleeman, Maths Co-ordinator at Finchale. This year our children can look forward to looking at lots of reasononing and problem solving during their maths lessons. I will be looking at the practical resources we have in school to use for maths, with a view to extending and improving them. I will also spend time working with teachers in other local schools looking at maths related best practice so that we can continue to provide quality maths teaching.     

Maths Week England 11th - 15th November

As part of our celebrations for Maths Week England, pupils in Years 5 & 6 took part in a live lesson in conjunction with NRICH.  We had to solve puzzles and problems around volume.  We had to estimate how many teddies were in a jar and then how many larger teddies would fit into our classroom.  Interesting discussions were held and our pupils used some fabulous examples of mathematical language.

We had 3 pupils who estimated the correct amount of teddies in the jar and one pupil who calculated how many teddies would fit into the Year 6 classroom.  Well done to everyone!

Spooky Maths Day 24th October 2019

We had a fabulous day celebrating mathematics in school.  We started off with a whole school assembly and this was followed by using our mathematical skills to solve a range of spooky maths problems.  Our teachers were very impressed by our mathematical knowledge and our costumes! 

Year 5

Pupils in Year 5 solved a series of problems which focused on the work they had carried out on the topic of place value with numbers up to a million.  Each puzzle or problem they solved led them closer to finding out who the mystery prankster of Hallowe'en was.   Once they had identified the prankster, they then created their own puzzles.


Year 4


Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed Finchale Spooky Maths Day! We have completed halloween tasks around times tables, column subraction and addition, Roman Numerals and rounding (amongst many other topics!) Well done Year 4, you were scarily wonderful at Maths! 

Cluster Schools Maths Challenge, 3/12/18


31st October 2018

The children in Reception Class took part in a "Spooky Hunt Counting Challenge" today, they made shape spiders and had great fun finding totals with exciting halloween shapes!

Year 1 have been looking at halving and quartering with halloween cakes. They have been estimating weight and length using different size pumpkins, creating potions whilst counting their tasty ingredients and also using halloween chocolates to add numbers within 10! 

Have a look at Year 2 working on spooky 2D shapes. They spent the morning investigating 2D shapes and their challenge was to cut out and create a spooky witch collage. They then used their maths skills to investigate and solve "The Mystery of the Winning Halloween Costume". They solved clues using their knowledge of place value, counting in 2's, 5's & 10's and also addition to 100. Can you spot "Anne Boleyn" working on her shapes? 

Year 3 have been solving clues to work out "The Mystery of the Halloween Pumpkins". this involved lots of maths skills, their 3, 4 and 8 times tables, number bonds, addition, subtraction, place value and greater than/less than. 

Year 4 have been problem solving and code breaking today. this involved working on multiples, factors, prime numbers, square numbers, fractions, co-ordinates and doing calculations. They ended the day potion making - measuring their contents very accurately!

Year 5 have been carrying out investigations and solving lots of clues. They solved  "The Mystery of the Halloween Prankster" and "The Mystery of The Halloween Party Game". This involved using lots of maths skills, sequencing, roman numerals, column addition & subtraction and rounding. 

Year 6 have been carrying out investigations, solving puzzles and tackling clues to solve "The Mystery of The Halloween Costume". Isabelle created her own puzzle and brought it in for the class to complete. The children enjoyed sudoku and ended the day creating their own puzzles.

Spooky Maths Special Assembly 31/10/18

Spooky Maths Best Costume Winners, 31/10/18


Angles in Our Names, October 2018


 Year 6 found it really interesting to find angles in their own names...

Year 5 Problem Solving Event at Framwellgate School 2/11/17


Marvellous Maths Day 1/11/17

Problem Solving is Fun at Finchale!



What a superb problem solving day we had on 1st November at our Finchale Marvellous Maths Day. We spent a day with lots of reasoning and problem solving activities honing our skills and putting them to use in different contexts.

Year 6 Marvellous Maths: Looking For All Possibilities

Year 5 Marvellous Maths: Murder Mystery Logic Problems

Year 4 Marvellous Maths: Problems with Snakes and Sheepdogs!

Year 3 Marvellous Maths: Logic Problems with Fireworks!

Year 2 Marvellous Maths: All Possible Ways to Find a Path Through the Maze!

Year 1 Marvellous Maths: All Possibilities with Number Bonds!

Reception Class Marvellous Maths through Potion Making!

Maths Calculations: Sessions for Parents October 2017

Year 6 take a look at angles in a very interesting way...