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Key Stage 1 Summer 2020

Week beginning 18th May.
Day 2

We used spiders to think about doubles and halves. We shared spiders into 2 equal groups.

We created spiders with springy legs using our cutting skills.

We went on a spider hunt.

Day 4

Children in Reception looked at ’oo’

We built towers and made jigsaws.

We completed repeating patterns.

We made wriggly worm pictures using string.

Week beginning 11th May 
Day 1

PE with Joe Wicks

Finding ‘ow’ in the text!

Hungry Caterpillar - Adding more!


Adam Bushnell story time!

VE Day Celebrations

VE Day Crafts

VE Day picnic - KS1 are here too...hiding!

Afternoon tea- scones with jam and cream!

Week beginning 27th April

Our theme this week is 'Pirates'.

In 'The Night Pirates', the pirates came 'quiet as mice and stealthy as shadows'. We investigated shadows indoors with our projector and outdoors (when the sun came out!)

We made telescopes that were coloured with a repeating pattern.

Oh Arrrrrrr - we made hats too!

    Week 4

Stepping stones. We made our own stepping stones and practiced our balancing. Can you make a path to practice your balancing skills?

Let's go fly a kite. Can you make a kite at home?

We went on a Treasure Hunt and designed our own maps. Can you design a treasure map? Don't forget your X to mark where the treasure is buried.

Rolling tyres

Still image for this video
We have been seeing which items are easy to roll at school. Can you find items that can roll in your house?

We’ve been ordering our superheroes from smallest to largest and vice versa. Can you order objects by their size?

Colouring by number!

Getting creative!

Day 2

We started our day by exercising with Joe Wicks. It was great fun but hard work.

We enjoyed playing outside in the sunshine, riding on scooters, catching bubbles and playing with balls in the Muga.

We counted superheroes, practised our letter formation and wrote about ourselves.

Day 1

PE - starting the day with Joe Wicks!

We did some superhero work in English writing our alphabet and a sentence which a superhero might say!

Maths counting to 10 and 20

Cutting skills!

Week 3
Day 4

We spent the last half an hour of our day watching a movie with popcorn and we tried and tested our own Easter nests. They were amazing!

We then went on a ‘Spring Hunt’ to collect some materials to make our own interesting Easter card. We had fun searching for wildlife and found some interesting materials! Look how our cards turned out! Could you find some natural materials in your garden and create your own Spring picture?

Following our morning exercise, we had some playtime outside and some of us helped Mr Addinal to set up the bird camera! We then made our own Easter Nests from scratch! They were absolutely delicious, could you make a batch of your own?

Day 2

We ended our day with a clued outdoor Easter egg hunt...we were fantastic at working as a team to solve the riddles! Could you create your own clued Easter egg hunt?

After a delicious lunch of pizza, we played an Easter bonnet game in the sunshine. We had great fun. Can you create your own bonnet?

We also had a ‘hop-a-thon’. Chester was super fast at hopping. We’ve had an active morning today and made the most of the sunshine. Could you challenge some of your family to a ‘hop-a-thon’?

After our morning Joe Wicks workout we had an egg and spoon race using tennis rackets and balls. We had a KS1 and a KS2 round. It was quite hard!

Day 1

We added an extra section to our obstacle course by moving some tyres from the Reception outdoor classroom. Have you made an obstacle course yet?

Week 2
Day 5

More Easter crafts...

Day 4

We decorated eggs ready for the afternoon Easter Egg Hunt. Could you have an egg hunt in your house or garden?

Day 3

The ‘Burpee Queen’ during Joe Wicks PE, an amazing effort!

We created a chart and went on a colour hunt outside. Could you have a colour hunt around your house?

We ended our day with story time with Adam Bushnell on YouTube. Someone from our school got a mention for the pictures he’d sent. Why not watch one day and send a picture too?

Day 2 

We ended our day by listening to a story read by a fabulous author and a friend of Finchale - Adam Bushnell. ☺️

We made the most of the dry weather this afternoon and created some more amazing floor art using chalk pastels! We really enjoyed creating this 😁

After our daily Joe Wicks PE session, we enjoyed starting some Easter craft activities and we were all super happy with how they turned out... we even had a little Easter treat for snack time! What Easter crafts could you create?

Day 1

Unfortunately it was cold and wet today outside so we had some fun making our own farm animals masks and wearing them around the classroom! Could you create your own animal mask at home?

We had lots of fun in the afternoon playing snakes and ladders! Chester was the winner!

Day 5

Another sunny day so we made the most of it and had lots of time playing outside. We painted some rainbows and finished our mosaic picture. Have you done some painting at home?

We did some planting too.

Day 4

Starting the day with Joe Wicks and his PE session!

We looked at some riddles this morning on farm animals. Then we had a go at writing our own riddles. Could you write your own ‘what am I?’ riddle?

The children have been loving the sunshine outside and wanted to use the chalks too, so we created a geometric pattern on the floor and then used chalks to colour in! Do you like our pattern? We were very impressed!

We’ve been planting different seeds in little plant pots today. Are you doing any gardening?

We’ve been making the most of the sunshine!!!!

We enjoyed a fantastic music hour with Mrs Moyes! Are you playing any instruments at home?

Day 3

Starting the day with PE with Joe Wicks! We were worn out!

We designed and created our own farm. Can you create your own farm? What animals would be on your farm?

We matched farm animals and their young today. Can you have a go?

We had a relaxing yoga session this afternoon. Can you have a go at some yoga moves?