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Class of 2018-2019

Year 2 Spring Topic Overview - The Great Fire of London

Summer term

Art - William Morris Printing

Spring Term

This Spring term our topic in Year 2 is the Great Fire of London.

We will be learning about why the fire started, how long it lasted, the roles of important figures in 1666, the impact the fire had on the city of London and comparing fire safety then and now.

smiley Please see our topic overview for more information

Durham Cathedral Trip

Great Fire of London Day

Identifying London and Durham on a Map

Looking at Samuel Pepys Diary

Using Quills to Write an Inventory

Year 2's end of unit Ukulele concert can be seen our Art's section of the website. Visit the link below to see some of our wonderful performance!

The importance of brushing our teeth and washing our hands!

Autumn Term

This Autumn term we are going to be finding out all about the Tudors discovering: who the Tudors were, their significant role in British history and what life was like in the Tudor period.

It's such a fantastic topic so I am very excited to get started!

smiley Please see our topic overview for more information!

KS1 Christmas Play - The Innspectors

KS1 produced a fantastic performance of our production The Innspectors. This is all about The Inn-spectors, who are in Bethlehem and they are not pleased. A stable is no place for visitors and their newborn baby, and, it really is a health and safety nightmare!

All the children performed amazingly with excellent acting, signing and instrument playing. We are very proud of the children and their accomplishments. Well done everyone!

Please click on the links below to see photos and clips of our performances.


Designing and Creating Tudor Houses

As part of our Topic on the Tudors, Year 2 have been looking at and investigating Tudor houses. In Design and Technology, we sketched designs of our houses, then used a range of materials such as, paper, cereal boxes, card, straw etc to create them.

We had great fun creating these Tudor houses in a variety of sizes for our display. The children really enjoyed this task and were thrilled with the final pieces! 

Science - Investigating changes of materials

Music - Ukulele

Year 2 were very excited this year to discover we would be getting the chance to learn how to play the ukulele! We have had a couple of lessons so far where we have learnt how to hold a ukulele and how to strum it correctly. The children are all doing very well and are thrilled to be learning how to play this instrument. We look forward to showing you our fabulous new skills soon!

Tudor Day

What a brilliant day we had when John came in from the Fulling Mill & Oriental Museum to host a Tudor day. We spent the morning exploring a timeline of British History, dressing up in Tudor costumes, looking at and handling Tudor artefacts and we wrote our own inventory using a quill and ink. In the afternoon we performed a Tudor dance for Queen Elizabeth 1 and we learned all about Tudor portraits and their hidden meanings. We had so much fun dressed up in our costumes! We didn’t want the day to end!

Coat of Arms

As part of our learning on the Tudors, in Design and Technology and Science, year 2 have designed and created our own shields and coat of arms. We used different materials to create these and even developed our weaving skills.

Spooky Maths Day

Have a look at Year 2 working on spooky 2D shapes. They spent the morning investigating 2D shapes and their challenge was to identify these shapes in spoooky pictures and to describe their properties. The children also cut out and created a spooky witch collage. They then used their maths skills to investigate and solve "The Mystery of the Winning Halloween Costume". They solved clues using their knowledge of place value, counting in 2's, 5's & 10's and also addition to 100. Can you spot "Anne Boleyn" working on her shapes?

PE - Multiskills

Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon taking part in Multisports events. The children developed their PE skills and practiced their team work skills too.

Finchale Fitness

Year 2 really enjoy using our new Finchale Track during Finchale Fitness sessions and in their own time.

European Day of Languages - Year 2 Germany

In Year 2, we learned about Germany as part of our Finchale European Day of Languages. The children enjoyed learning about the location of Germany, the culture and also key words in the German language. They also really enjoyed tasting some traditional German food.

Opening for Finchale Memorial

Year 2 were part of the Official Opening for our Finchale Memorial Garden. We were lucky enough to be joined by Mrs Sue Snowdon, Her Majesty's Lord-Leiutenant during the thought-provoking celebrations.

Tudor Rose

In Year 2 we have begun the year by learning all about the significance of the Tudor Rose.

The children have discovered that the Tudor rose was created by Henry VII when he married Elizabeth of York therefore combining the Lancaster and York rose to create the Tudor rose.

Year 2 created their own Tudor rose using a range of coloured card and demonstrating their excellent cutting skills to create a rose garland. After this the children then used a range of collage materials to produce beautiful Stained Glass windows with the Tudor rose as the centrepiece. We also created a whole class Stained Glass window too.

The children had lots of fun and have really shown an understanding of the significance of the Tudor Rose.  

Well done Year 2!