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Year 2

A message from all the Finchale staff!!! ❤️ We miss you all!!!

Hello everyone! Since it’s hard to stay in contact with you all during isolation I thought it would be nice to put a quick message on our class page to check in with you all and at the start of each week there will be a little video from myself just to say hello! 🙂


I hope you and your families are staying safe and making some memories within the safety of your own home. I miss you all lots and can’t wait to be able to make some more memories with you in school! I have a new addition to my house . . . a little dog called Winston. Look out for him in my future videos to you! 

Also I managed to pass on your postcards to the elderly people at the care home up the road and they were incredibly happy and thankful for what you all did. You really made a difference and put a smile on their faces so well done to you! 😀 


Some of you have been sending some pictures in of what you have been up to. Please continue doing what you are doing. Do what you can, when you can and however you can, dependant on your family circumstances. The most important thing at the moment is that you are all safe. Remember, we are all in this journey together (including the adults!). I miss you a great deal and can’t wait to be back so that I can see how much you have all grown!


Stay safe, be kind and keep smiling smiley


Mrs Lennox


Story -8th July 2020

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Video message - 24th June 2020

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This was a laugh! Miss Johnstone, Mrs Lennox and Miss Flanagan all wanted to say Hello... it took us a little while as you can see! It was great fun, we hope you enjoy it!

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Story time!!! 5th June 2020

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Story!!! 15th May 2020

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Video message - 11th May 2020

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4th May 2020

Hi everyone! I hope you are all ok and looking after each other. I've loved seeing all the pictures of your hard work coming through, it looks like some of you are having great fun learning some new skills. Keep sending in anything you are up to and I'll add it to our home learning images below. 

I've been very busy looking after my new puppy, Winston and I know lots of you have been asking after him so I thought I'd share a picture or two! He's learning lots of new skills too: how to sit, lie down, paw and stay. We're still working on walking on a lead but I'll keep you all updated! smiley


For now though keep smiling, be kind and stay safe!


Mrs Lennox




A fantastic picture of my dog, Winston, by Jess. Can anyone else create a picture of Winston? :)

Home Learning

Here are some examples of all the wonderful activities you have all been up to at home! Please keep sending any pictures or videos in, we love to share them and see what everyone is getting up to! smiley

Finchale Family challenge Week 2 VE day celebrations

Finchale Art Challenge Week 1 inspired by rainbows or nature

Grace making a scale model of the solar system, as per Maddie Moate Let's Go on YouTube!

Rebecca making a moon picture with glitter colours in a pattern inspired by the animation of the first unified geological map of the moon released by the United States Geological Survey

Navya's great science work on the lifecycle of a frog and a healthy balanced diet!

Niamh's fantastic space picture using Microsoft Paint!

Lewis has been very busy at home! Here is Lewis' fantastic space picture and his sound card activity work.

Lewis has also been really interested in learning about volcanoes and he has been completing some science experiments to make exploding volcanoes!

Check out his super work in these videos. 


Volcano 1


Volcano 2




Adam has been busy learning to ride his bike and going on long bike rides. He has also completed a super space picture too!

Tom has been super busy. He made a bug hotel and learned how to cross stitch, making a door hanger for his bedroom!

Extraordinary English work!

Super Science work!

Cool Computing work!

Handy History work!

Genius Geography work!

Nature walks and gardening!

Home baking!

What are we doing in school today?
Day 3

PE with Joe Wicks to start the day. We were worn out after!

We created and designed our own farm this morning. Can you design your own? What animals would be on your farm?

We matched farm animals and their young today. Can you have a go?

We had great fun this afternoon creating our own farm themed word search!

After reading ‘The Little Red Hen’ we wanted to bake some bread but there was no flour available. So, we made toast, enjoying it with butter and jam. It was the first time some of us had made our own toast.

To fit in with our theme of farms we have been digging up our own crops. Everyone did some amazing digging. Could you write a list of the crops that may be grown on a farm? What can you find in your garden?

Day 2. We joined in with Joe Wicks active session again this morning. Phew! It was fun!

We started our day by doing an active PE session following Joe Wicks’ 30 minute video. It was a great start to our day!

In KS1, our theme this week is Farms. Today we have been thinking about what you might see if you were to visit a farm and we designed our own farm! Could you join us in doing the same? Could you design your own farm? ☺️

Welcome back everyone!

We have a very exciting year ahead of us in Year 2 and I'm looking forward to everything we are going to be doing and achieving together this year. 

For more information please see the Year 2 information sheet and Autumn Term Overview.

Year 2 leading the fantastic production ‘Christmas with the Aliens’

RE - Christmas journey at All Saints church

Coding in computimg

Aboriginal art using pointillism

Music - our first ukulele lessons!

Ukulele - learning to play the cord F1 and signing

European day of languages 2019

A lesson on Germany with Mrs Hamill