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Look at How we Celebrated Achievement Last Year 2016 - 2017

What A Performer! July 2017

Well done to C Y3 who performed as part of a Chester le Street Theatre Group in "Aspects of Love". She certainly is talented playing three roles in the same show, a villager, a child and a clown in a circus! 

Running One Hundred Miles! July 2017

Well done to E Y4 and J Y6 for running 100miles in a month. They ran 50 miles each as part of the Awesome 2017 Summer Solstice 100 mile challenge!

Fantastic Running! July 2017

Well done to A Y2 who ran 2 miles and E Reception Class who ran 1 mile at "Vitality Move" a family fun day of running at Chatsworth House.


They also met Jessica Ennis!

Blue Peter Badge Winner, July 2017

Well done to H in Y1 who received his Blue Peter Badge for writing a booklet and sending pictures in about his holiday to Centre Parcs.  

Deerness Valley Football Club Awards, Excellent Football, July 2017

Horse Riding, July 2017

Well done to J Y6 (3rd) and E Y4 (Special Award) for achieving their awards at in the in-house competition at Cote Hill Riding Club!

Excellent Swimming! June 2017

Well done to I from Y4 who won her medals for swimming front crawl, breast and back stroke at a Durham City Swim Club Gala.

A Fabulous Performance of "The Happy Prince"

Well done to N, E, J, B and A for their fabulous performance in the Durham High School production of "The Happy Prince". Mrs Whitton said she enjoyed the show enormously and was very proud of the girls.

Blue Peter Badge Winners, June 2017

Congratulations to:

noJ, who  received a Blue Peter badge for her acrostic poem.

noO, who received a Silver Blue Peter badge for making a Blue Peter badge!

noC, who received a Blue Peter badge for her acrostic poem.

noD, who received a Blue Peter badge for his letter about a visit to Leeds Armouries and a Green Blue Peter badge for his diagram of a waterfall which he drew after a visit to High Force in Teesdale.

Fun Run Winners, June 2017

Money Raised for Cancer Research, June 2017

smileyWell done to L and L for raising £60 at the Summer Fair for Cancer Research. The badges/stickers were a hit and Miss Jones who has been receiving treatment said she was very grateful for their efforts and proud of their achievement. no

Horse Riding, 14 June 2017

J Y6 and E Y4 have both won rosettes from Cote Hill Pony Club. They competed in three events namely dressage, show jumping and cross country. J came first on her horse "Ringo Star" and E came second on her horse "Harry Potter".

noWell done girls!

Fabulous Gymnastics, 23rd May 2017

M from Reception Class persevered to win this medal for her gymnastics. She explained that another child usually wins, but despite this she continued to try very hard and this has now paid off and she has her medal to prove

Well done M for winning the medal AND for persevering until you achieved what you wanted!

Blue Peter Badge Winner, 22nd May 2017

J from Y2 drew a fantastic picture of the Blue Peter presenters, sent it in to the programme and was awarded her first Blue Peter Badge - Well done J!

North of England Children's Cancer Resaerch, 22nd May 2017

Well done to D in Y1 for running 5 miles to support the north of England Children's Cancer Research Charity, a fantastic achievement!

Blue Peter Badge Winners, May 2017

Y6 Enterprise Week Winners, 19th May 2017

Running 100 Miles, 19th May 2017

Well done to J Y6 and E Y4 for running 100 miles - they ran 50 miles each and certainly deserved those medals!

Doing Well at Karate, 3rd May 2017

A huge well done to O in Year 5 for winning three medals for Karate. One medal was for using his skills to a good standard, the other two were for winning battles. Well done O and keep up the good work!

Blue Peter Badge Winners, April 2017

Finchale Pupils Rise to the Blue Peter Challenge!

At our Easter Assembly Mrs Whitton explained to us how proud she was of J in Y5 who had been awarded three Blue Peter Badges. A blue one for writing a poem about school, a purple one for writing a review of a Blue Peter programme and a green one for making snowflakes and recycling the cut off paper into a collage of a face. Mrs Whitton encouraged our pupils to get involved and J offered to help them with the process.

O and F in Y4 rose to the challenge! O achieved her blue badge for looking after her pets, a cat, chickens and a goldfish. F was awarded a blue one for making a giant model of a Blue Peter badge with an acrostic poem written on the back, a purple one for completing a show review on-line and a green recycling one for making an ice sculpture of a waste milk carton with an accompanying acrostic poem.


Year 5 Pupils, Go Ride Cycling Competition, 31st March 2017

Awards Assembly 24th March 2017 - Well Done!

Dance Festival March 2017

Y5/6 Boys Football Team Collecting their Pearl League Champions Cup, March 2017

C in Y6 is Top Banana! March 2017

Well Done C for being "Top Banana", winning the Y6 Banangram competition. She now goes forward to the Nationwide Competition. Good luck for the next step....

Blue Peter Badge Winner March 2017

Well done to J who has achieved not one, but two Blue Peter badges and stickers!

He reviewed an episode of Blue Peter and was awarded a purple badge for his contribution. He wrote a fantastic poem about school and was awarded his second blue coloured Blue Peter Badge as well as a membership card allowing him access to lots of free activities until he is 16 years old. He wrote another poem and received stickers.

He has just sent in three of his own jokes to the "Comedy Classroom" which is part of Blue Peter's Red Nose Day activities.

If you are interested in getting involved in Blue Peter activities please ask J about them he said he is more than happy to help you.

Online Safety Competition Winners! March 2017

All of the competition entries for our Internet Safety Day competition were of an excellent standard here at Finchale. These entries won a Scratch Programming book and a computer-themed pencil case. Well done to our winners, C and I. 

Superb Swimming! 16th January 2017

We celebrated achievement with I from Year 4 who won four medals at Durham City Swimming Club's Gala at the weekend. The medals were for breast stroke, back stroke, freestyle and fly - well done I!

Fencing Competition 16th December 2016

Well done to C and M from Y6, pictured with their awards for participating in the first Electric Foil Fencing Competition at Monkton Stadium which took place on 26th November 2016.

Fabulous Homework! - November 2016

We celebrated with O and O when they brought in their homework - what fabulous winter pictures!

Swimming Award

We celebrated with I from Reception Class for achieving her Level 2 Swimming Award. Well done I!



Royal School of Music

We celebrated with M from Year 5 who achieved Grade 1 in Clarinet from the Royal Society of Music. Well Done M!

Royal Academy of Dance October 2016

We celebrated with L from Year 2 who was awarded a " Class Award" certificate and medal by the Royal Academy of Dance for "Pre-Primary Dance". Well done L!

Great North Run 11th September 2016

We celebrated with our pupils who did a fantastic run, from left to right:

J Y2; F Y4; W Y3; P Y3; H Y3; O Y3; P Y1; J Y5. 

S has achieved his Stage 1 Swimming Certificate and C was the fastest kicker at a summer fair. Well done boys who are both from Reception Class! 




Our Student Worldwide Awareness Group (SWAG) organised a talent show in school as part of our Unicef Day for Change. They raised money by asking pupils to dress as teachers and teachers to dress as pupils! For the talent show, pupils auditioned in their classes and the best 2 performed at the School Talent Show where they were judged by a panel of staff and visitors. As well as selecting a winner from each class, the judges also selected an overall winner from Key Stage 1 and from Key Stage 2. Thank you to our SWAG team of R, N, S, H, A and J for organising such a great event and helping to raise over £150 for Unicef.  

Unicef Day For Change: Finchale Has Talent February 2016

Talent Show Winners

Chinese New Year - February 2016

Look at the fantastic Chinese Dragon that visited Finchale to celebrate Chinese New Year!

The Dragon was made by D (Reception) and I (Year 3) with a little help from their Dad. Reception Class had been learning about this special event and Mrs Morton told the class about the celebrations taking place in Newcastle. D and I went along, loved the Chinese Dragon and were inspired to make one of their own. What a fabulous model they made, we celebrated this artistic achievement during a school assembly when D and I brought the Dragon to life. The whole school (teachers and children) were thrilled to see it.


WELL DONE you obviously put in a lot of effort to produce such an amazing Dragon and THANK YOU for sharing it with us.

Celebration Assembly 15th January 2016

Celebration Assembly 30th November 2015

In Reception Class we all work hard learning our sounds and we very much enjoy getting a certificate to celebrate our success. Here is an example of some of the certificates given out this week.   
Our children are given Head Teacher's Awards, for example, this week M, A and O in Reception Class were given an award for designing and creating fantastic monsters, showing good planning and making skills. The photos show just how fabulous their monsters turned out!    

P and H celebrated achieving their certificate for Dancing (Modern and Tap) from the North East Society of Performing Arts. 

G celebrated achieving her Stage 3 Swimming Award.


Celebration Assembly 16th November 2015

November 2015

We celebrated with C from Year 3 who received her British Dressage Introductory A Award from Finchale Riding School. Well Done for turning perfect cicles riding a horse called Jack, changing the reins and completing a correct salute!

October 2015

We celebrated with F from Year 3 who was awarded his Chief Scout's Bronze Award - Well Done!

September 2015