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Look at How we Celebrated Achievement Last Year 2017 - 2018

Judo North East Grand Prix, July 2018

Megan Y4 Gold Medal Winner

Northern Vipers Cheerleading Awards Presentation, July 2018

Jessica Y6 Winner of Youth 2 Team Award

PTA Bake Off Competition Winners 13/7/18

Lucy Y4 Wiiner, Fergus Y5 Highly Commended.

Y6 Enterprise Week Winners, 25.6.18

Overall Points Winners - Polar Bear Parlour Team
Presentation Winners - Polar Ice Team

Durham City Swim Club Gala, June 2018

Well done Isabelle Y5
Winner of 50m Free Style, 50m Fly, 200m Free Style

Fantastic Football - Deerness FC Awards, June 2018

U11 Lightening Team Participants

Moataz & Harri Year 6

Russell Foster Football Centre U11s  9 v 9, 7th Division Winners 2017-2018

Robert Year 6 - Player's Player of the Season

Harri Year 6 - Player's Player of the Season

Ben Year 6 - Manager's Player of the Season

Highest Music Score, June 2018

Well done Isabel from Y5 for  achieving Grade 1 for Trombone - with the highest score her music teacher has ever had 134/150!

Dancing, June 2108

Well done to Ava Year 1!
RAD Class Award, Pre Primary in Dance.

Superb Swimming, June 2018

Well done to Aiden Year 2!
Learn to Swim - Level 2 certificate and badge.

Judo Player of the Week, June 2018

Well done to Imogen Y2
Destination @ British Judo, Player of the Week

Gymnast of the Month, June 2018

Well done Emma in Reception Class!
South Durham Gymnastics, Mini Squad.

British Cheerleading Association Competition, June 2018

Well done to Jessica Y6!
Achieved BCA Jnr Level 2
No points deducted means a faultless performance!

Excellent Swimming, June 2018

Well done to Florence Reception Class!
Learn to Swim Level 2
Well done to Jessica in Reception Class too!

Football Club Award Winner, May 2018

Callum Y4, Waldridge Park Jnr Football Club
Player's Player and Manager's Player of Year!

Children's Cancer Park Run, May 2018

Well done to Dylan Y2!
A brilliant fund raising help for Cancer Research

Legacy Cheer and Dance Competition - Building Leaders for Life, May 2018

Fantastic Cheerleading from Jessica Y6!
Stand Strong 2018-Group Stunt Youth 2-FIRST PLACE

Running 100 Miles in One Month, May 2018

Well done to Evie from Y5
She ran 100 miles in 1 month!

Taking Part in a Triathlon, May 2018

Well done Sam from Y1
For taking part in a triathlon.

Fantastic Football, April 2018

Well done to Charley Y2!
D.V.F.C Team Storm, Match Star Player

Fantastic Running, April 2018

Well Done Evie Y5!
Durham County Primary Cross Country Finalist

Marathon Achieved! April 2018

Patrick Y4  has  completed 21 Junior Park Runs
This equates to running a marathon -Well Done!

Sponsoring a Guide Dog, April 2018

Well Done, Lily B Y5 has Sponsored a Guide Dog
His name is Alfie

Great Gymnastics, April 2018

Well Done Jasmine in Reception
Deerness Floor and Acrobatic Championship

Judo Rumble, April 2018

Well Done to Megan Y4
Her medal from a Judo Rumble in Newcastle

Fantastic Football, April 2018

Well Done Noah in Reception!
Craig's Coaching Player of the Day

Decades - A Musical Journey, April 2018

Well done to Patrick Y4, Freya, Emily and Rosie all Y1 for participating in the Gala Theatre Stage School Production of "Decades - A Musical Journey". 

A Letter to the Queen, April 2018

Well done to Rosie in Y1 who wrote to the Queen and received a reply with some very interesting information! 

Cheerleading Competition, April 2018

Well done to Jessica in Y6 (and her 4 other team members) who won this fantastic trophy for "1st Place Group Stunt" in a Cheerleading competition at Gateshead.  

Pony Academy Day, April 2018

Well done to Holly in Reception Class for completing a Pony Academy Day at Leamside Equestrian Centre. The pony she rode was called Flower.

Judo Gold Medal, April 2018

Well done to Megan in Y4 for winning a gold medal at the Newcastle Area British Judo Competition!

Kayaking, March 2018

Well Done Sam Y5

WELL DONE £98.35 Raised for St Oswald's Hospice from the Easter Raffle, March 2018

WELL DONE £126.57 Raised for Sport Relief 2018

Fantastic Snow- Day Activities, March 2018


Certificates of achievement will be awarded at school next week for pupils who participate in snow-day home activities. Here are some suggestions

yesMost Imaginative:



News Article

Piece of written work

noMost Creative:

Maths activity

Science activity

mailMost Fascinating:


Photo (which you do need to print at home please)

Piece of art


I am looking forward to seeing your work!

Mrs Whitton

Royal Academy of Dance: Primary in Dance Awarded with Merit, February 2018

Alexa Y2 and Georgia Y2

Fantastic Viking Longboat, January 2018

Well done to Sophie Y6
Superb DT skills!

Super Swimming (January 2018)

Well done to Oliver Year 4!

Brilliant Running (January 2018)

Well done to Patrick, Year 4 for his success in achieving medals from "The School Run". The two medals were "Running 2K on Christmas Day" and completing the "Marathon Challenge 2017" which meant that the combined total of the runs he had taken part in during 2017 was the equivalent or greater than the distance of a marathon. Keep up the good work! 

Coping Well With Change (December 2017)

Mariam, Year 2 coped brilliantly with an unexpected change during the Christmas performance. You are a true performer!

Fantastic Climbing (January 2018)

Well done to Lily Rose, Year 5 for putting on her climbing shoes, harness and suit to climb to the top of the O2 Building.

Chief Constable’s Christmas Card Competition, December 2017

Well done to Tomas from Year 5 who did a fantastic drawing to win a competition for the Chief Constable’s Christmas Card. His art work, on the front of the card, will be sent out across the country. He also won some fantastic prizes, a framed copy of his own picture, a mountain bike, selection box and a “PawsUp Bob” cuddly toy (normally sold in aid of the Durham Retired Police Dogs Benevolent Fund). Deputy Chief Constable Jo Farrell visited with her colleagues and Jet the police dog to congratulate Tomas and to remind us all to stay safe this Christmas!

Jet the police dog reminds us about staying safe at Christmas...

MP Christmas Card Competition, December 2017

Two Winners for Finchale!

I am very proud to let you know that we had two winners in school this year. Roberta Blackman-Woods, MP for Durham City, ran a competition for pupils to draw a picture for her Christmas Card. Yinuo Y5 (who has just returned to China) won and her picture is on the front of the card. Emma Y1 was third and her picture is on the back of the card. The pictures are amazing and congratulations on your success!

An Enterprising Christmas....

We hope you enjoyed the festive items we made this year in Enterprise Club, the children certainly had fun making them! However in true entrepreneurial fashion we also spent time looking at packaging, marketing and pricing our products. We made £220, of which £170 was profit for the PTA who funded the enterprise. The PTA pay for many fun and educational things in school.

Chearleading Competition Winner (December 2017)

Well done to Jessica Y6 for winning a national Cheerleading Competition at Manchester. Another great sporting achievement.

Isabelle Y5 Swimming Medals (November 2017)

Isabelle is celebrating winning her swimming medals:

Gold - Fly

Gold - Free style

Gold - Individual Medley

Silver - 50 metres back stroke

Cup - For receiving the most points in the 9 year old girls age group

Well done Isabelle, keep up the excellent swimming!  

Megan Y4 Wins a Bronze Medal for Judo (November 2017)

Megan Y4 proudly displays her bronze medal which she won at the Kendal Senior & Junior Coloured Belt Championship. Well done Megan!

Megan Y4 Judo (November 2017)

Fantastic Football (October 2017)

Tom H, Year 1

Excellent Swimming (October 2017)

Rose, Year 1

Emily in Reception Class (and her Mum) & Mr Addinall and take part in the MoRun (November 2017)

Exert from the web site explaining about running for "Mens Health"


The power of MoRunning brings out the best in all of us!

Whether it makes you run fast, run in style, run in pride or run together, it has the ability to make us all smile, whilst at the same time help raise massive awareness and funds for Men's Health through the Movember Foundation charity.

2017 is set to be even better than ever. One of the most exciting additions to this year is the introduction of Mini MoRunning. A 1.5km mini MoRun. Remember MoRunners, you're part of a community, a family, a team. When you step up to that start line, remember that you're helping men live longer, healthier lives.

We'll clap for you, we'll shout at you, we'll support you, maybe even laugh at you (all in good humour of course) but mainly we will praise you for your commitment to making a difference. Run hard, run fast, have fun and enjoy being part of something special.

Isla Year 3 Wins the Safe City Bear Summer Competition, October 2017

Isla's family joined the celebration
Safe City Bear came into school
Safe City Bear presenting Isla's prize
Well done Isla!
Isla won a £20 voucher for Smiggle

Join the hunt for Safe City Bear!

​If you go down to the city this summer….you may come across a teddy bear!
The summer hunt for Durham's 'Safe City Bear' was launched in the Market Place in Durham city. Safe City Bear was joined by police, civic dignatories and local families who helped with the launch. A total of 115 teddy bears were hiding in shop and cafe windows across the city centre, each wearing a blue, red, green or yellow sash representing a key safety warning.

Red means “Say No to Strangers”
Yellow means “Keep it Hidden, Keep it Safe”
Blue means “Stay Safe around Rivers and Ponds”
Green means “Keep Durham City Tidy”.

To help us make Durham the safest city in the country, the idea was that children, would get involved to hunt for the teddy bears and when found would be reminded of the safety message that particular bear represented.

The winner is….

The bear hunt ended on Sunday, 30th August and the winner announced on Wednesday, 2nd September, is Isa, Year 3 from Finchale Primary School.

Running (October 2017)

Patrick Year 4
Ran the Active Northumberland, Kielder Junior Run

Fantastic Football (October 2017)

Well done to Daniel and Charley from Year 2 who were in a newspaper article in the Sunderland Echo for playing brilliant football. They play for Deerness Football Club and Durham County and were celebrating their achievement of wining a match against 9 year olds when they are only 6 years old themselves. Keep up the good work boys! 

Superb Swimming (October 2017)

Imogen Year 2
Achieved Learn to Swim - Level 3

We all wore our jeans to school on Friday 22/9/17 to support Jeans for Genes Day. We raised a fantastic £162.40 for this worthy charity. Well done and thank you to all involved including Fergus in Year 5 who suggested the event to Mrs Whitton. 

The difference you make

The charity helps disorder-specific charities and patient groups to deliver inspiring projects and support services for children affected by genetic disorders in the UK.

The monies raised on Jeans for Genes Day provide grants for day-to-day support, equipment, nursing and patient support services, and events which bring together affected children and their families.


Fergus Y5 with Mrs Whitton
Ben, Reception Class
Magda, Rosie and Ava - Year 1
Daniel, Oscar and Chirag - Year 2
Max, Year 3
Cara, Year 4
Yinuo and Pooja, Year 5
Harriet, Year 6

Swimming (September 2017)

Izzy, Year 2
Achieved Learn To Swim Stage 4

Royal Academy of Dance (September 2017)

Isla, Year 3
Received a Merit for her "Primary in Dance" Exam
Isabella, Year 2
Class Award - "Pre-Primary in Dance"
Ruby, Year 2
Class Award -  "Pre-Primary in Dance"
Ava, Year 2
Class Award - "Pre-Primary in Dance"
Alexa, Year 2
Class Award - "Pre-Primary in Dance"

Clarinet Success

Well done to Meadow Y6 for passing her ABRSM Grade 2 clarinet exam, this is a great achievement!

Shotokan Karate (September 2017)

Rebecca, Year 2
Edward, Year 4
Rebecca & Edward Achieved 8th Kyu, Red Belt.
Image result for junior great north run

Great North Run Participants (September 2017)

A huge well done to our Great North Run participants:

Year 1: Chloe, Emily and Freya.

Year 2: Phoebe, Imogen, Chirag and Isabella.

Year 3: Josh, Jenna, Holly, William, Ross and Patrick.

Year 5: Fergus.

Summer Reading Challenge 2017 (September 2017)

A huge well done to our pupils who took part in the Reading Agency and Libraries

"Animal Agents - Summer Reading Challenge 2017". Supported by the Arts Council England. 

Picture in Centre

Front row (left to right): Charley Y2, Lucy Y2, Harriet Y2

Back row (left to right): Ruby Y2, Izzy Y2 and Dominic Y2

Picture on Right

Rose Y1

CHAPS Championship Show (Sept 2017)

Well done to a special young lady in Year 4 for winning a prize at a Horse Show. She was the Class Winner for the horse that was well groomed and ran out nicely. A great achievement at a championship show!