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Class of 2018-2019

Yearly Overview 2018-2019


Summer Term

This term we will be finding out all about

The Aztecs.

Summer Term Topic Overview - The Aztecs

The Last Minute Calypso Lyrics

Big Play Day Song - The Last Minute Calypso (Backing Track)

July 2019 - Making Aztec patolli board games

July 2019 - Captain Chemistry visits Year 5

July 2019 - An exciting visit to Framwellgate School for a morning of Science and Rock Climbing

June 2019 Enterprise Day with Alison. Learning about all the skills needed to run a business.

June 2019 Science - Investigating Thermal Insulators

June 2019 Prayer & Reflection Workshop

June 2019 Irish Dancing

June 2019 Science - Investigating the properties of different materials

June 2019 Science - Growing crystals from a saturated solutions

June 2019 Science - Investigating irreversible changes

June 2019 - Jiu Jitsu

June 2019 - Celebrating reading at Finchale

June 2019 - Learning about Civil Contingencies with Laura from Durham County Council

June 2019 Science - investigating rates of solubility (sugar particle size)

June 2019 - Creating music using Scratch

May 2019 Tim Thompson talked to Year 5 about Hate Crime

May 2019 Science - Investigating solubility of different materials

Apr 2019 - Y5 have been studying the work of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and have created their own self portraits

Apr 2019 - Lifeguards Tom and Adam came in to talk to Y5 about the work the RNLI do

Apr 2019 - Y5 Brass Musicians

Apr 2019 - Learning about environmental crime with Dean Henry

Apr 2019 - 3Sixty Cycling Workshop with Y5

Apr 2019 - 3Sixty Stunt Bike Demonstration

Apr 2019 - Darlington Dog's Trust

Spring Term

This term we are going to learning all about the Vikings.

Spring Term Topic Overview - The Vikings

You Can't Forget About The Vikings

Who'd Be A Viking Woman?

Dragon Ships

Apr 2019 - Easter Egg Hunt organised by the PTA

Apr 2019 - Graphical modelling in computing

March 2019 - The Easter Story

Mar - 2019 Year 5 & 6 worked with artist Julianne, to create ideas and pictures based on the themes of their favourite books to be used to decorate our new reading sheds.

Mar 2019 - Celebrating World Book Day. Year 5 solved a range of maths and grammar and punctuation puzzles in order to find the keypad code which enabled them to help the children to escape from the library!

Mar 2019 - Making Anglo-Saxon Biscuits!

Feb 2019 Learning all about democracy, what the purpose of the government is and what happens in parliament.

Feb 2019 - Viking Day. Rachel from Durham University spent the day with Y5 where they examined artefacts, learned about Viking writing, wrote their own kennings and played the game Hnefatafl.

Feb 2019 - Learning all about Parliament and the role of our government. Year 5 and 6 worked together to form their own political parties, wrote a manifesto and presented to the rest of the group.

Jan 2019 - Viking Weaving

Jan 2019 - PE. Fitness and Well-being with Leanne and Sammy

Thank you for all the lovely cards and presents I received. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year!

See you in 2019

Dec 2018 - Creating Japanese Art

Dec 2018 - Christmas Party Time

Dec 2018 - Making 3D Interactive Information Boxes in DT about extreme weathers

Nov 2018 - Investigating volume in our Maths lesson

Nov 2018 - Year 5 Lego Club

Nov 2018 - 'A Beginner's Guide to the Universe' talk by Dr Pete Edwards from Durham University. Getting the chance to ask lots of questions too.

Nov 2018 - Anti-bullying Week 'RESPECT'

Nov 2018 - Investigating how pulleys work.

Nov 2018 - What do astronauts eat in space? Year 5 got the chance to find out.

Nov 2018 - Basketball with Coach Darren

Nov 2018 - Creating pictures of constellations

Nov 2018 - Spooky Maths Day. The class had to work out who the Halloween Prankster was by solving a range of mathematical clues.

Nov 2018 - Learning to do the 'Haka' as part of our PE lessons

Oct 2018 - Re-start a Heart Day. Year 5 worked with Owen and learned how to put a casualty into the recovery position and to administer CPR.

Well done to Edward for achieving a Silver Award 3 in life saving skills.

Oct 2018 - Creating factual posters about the Solar System

Dance Coaching 1/10/18

We had an action packed morning learning about different types of dance from Gemma, a specialist Dance Coach. We all had fun learning Line dancing and Street Dance. We moved onto Bollywood and finally tried Salsa! You can see from the pictures we really did learn a lot, enjoyed ourselves and improved our dance technique.  

Well done to Megan, September 2018

Judo Grand Prix
Gold medal winner
Jui Jitsu European Championships
Gold medal winner
Megan has made an amazing sporting start to this year with two gold medals. One for winning at the European Jiu Jitsu Championships and another for winning a Girls over 36kg Judo competition at the North East Judo Grand Prix.