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Year 5

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Class of 2018-2019

Yearly Overview 2018-2019


Summer Term

This term we will be finding out all about

The Aztecs.

Summer Term Topic Overview - The Aztecs

The Last Minute Calypso Lyrics

Big Play Day Song - The Last Minute Calypso (Backing Track)

July 2019 - Making Aztec patolli board games

July 2019 - Captain Chemistry visits Year 5

July 2019 - An exciting visit to Framwellgate School for a morning of Science and Rock Climbing

June 2019 Enterprise Day with Alison. Learning about all the skills needed to run a business.

June 2019 Science - Investigating Thermal Insulators

June 2019 Prayer & Reflection Workshop

June 2019 Irish Dancing

June 2019 Science - Investigating the properties of different materials

June 2019 Science - Growing crystals from a saturated solutions

June 2019 Science - Investigating irreversible changes

June 2019 - Jiu Jitsu

June 2019 - Celebrating reading at Finchale

June 2019 - Learning about Civil Contingencies with Laura from Durham County Council

June 2019 Science - investigating rates of solubility (sugar particle size)

June 2019 - Creating music using Scratch

May 2019 Tim Thompson talked to Year 5 about Hate Crime

May 2019 Science - Investigating solubility of different materials

Apr 2019 - Y5 have been studying the work of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and have created their own self portraits

Apr 2019 - Lifeguards Tom and Adam came in to talk to Y5 about the work the RNLI do

Apr 2019 - Y5 Brass Musicians

Apr 2019 - Learning about environmental crime with Dean Henry

Apr 2019 - 3Sixty Cycling Workshop with Y5

Apr 2019 - 3Sixty Stunt Bike Demonstration

Apr 2019 - Darlington Dog's Trust

Spring Term

This term we are going to learning all about the Vikings.

Spring Term Topic Overview - The Vikings

You Can't Forget About The Vikings

Who'd Be A Viking Woman?

Dragon Ships

Apr 2019 - Easter Egg Hunt organised by the PTA

Apr 2019 - Graphical modelling in computing

March 2019 - The Easter Story

Mar - 2019 Year 5 & 6 worked with artist Julianne, to create ideas and pictures based on the themes of their favourite books to be used to decorate our new reading sheds.

Mar 2019 - Celebrating World Book Day. Year 5 solved a range of maths and grammar and punctuation puzzles in order to find the keypad code which enabled them to help the children to escape from the library!

Mar 2019 - Making Anglo-Saxon Biscuits!

Feb 2019 Learning all about democracy, what the purpose of the government is and what happens in parliament.

Feb 2019 - Viking Day. Rachel from Durham University spent the day with Y5 where they examined artefacts, learned about Viking writing, wrote their own kennings and played the game Hnefatafl.

Feb 2019 - Learning all about Parliament and the role of our government. Year 5 and 6 worked together to form their own political parties, wrote a manifesto and presented to the rest of the group.

Jan 2019 - Viking Weaving

Jan 2019 - PE. Fitness and Well-being with Leanne and Sammy

Thank you for all the lovely cards and presents I received. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year!

See you in 2019

Dec 2018 - Creating Japanese Art

Dec 2018 - Christmas Party Time

Dec 2018 - Making 3D Interactive Information Boxes in DT about extreme weathers