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Year 1

A message from all of us here at Finchale... We miss you all so much! We hope to see you all very soon!

This was a laugh! Miss Johnstone, Mrs Lennox and Miss Flanagan all wanted to say Hello... it took us a little while as you can see! It was great fun, we hope you enjoy it!

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Video message - 4th June

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Video message - 26th May

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Video message - 18th May

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Video message - 11th May 🙂

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Story Time - Giraffes Can’t Dance! - Week 1

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Home learning fun!

Here are some examples of what you have all been up to at home! Keep the pictures and videos coming, they are fantastic! smiley

Weekly Rory update: Having fun in the sun! 🌞

Rory update: this week he’s been helping his mum do some DIY at home! Safety first!

A lot of you have been wondering what Rory might look like... here he is! Doing some reading of his own, he'd love to see some pictures of the reading you have been doing at home too!

Finchale family challenge #2 and VE day celebrations... some of you have been very busy this part week! Looks like you had lots of fun!

Brilliant Birthdays!

Happy Birthday, Emily! smiley I hope you had a great day celebrating!

History at home!

Great Geography!

Baking bonanza!

Wonderful writing activities!

Art is amazing!

Reggie wrote some fantastic and very thoughtful letters to the elderly people in his community. He even posted them on his motorbike!

Family fun days and Finchale Family art challenges...

Chloe and Theo have redecorated their front window in time for VE day. How very thoughtful! It looks beautiful.

Exercise is Excellent!

Reg ready and raring to go and do some running!

Magnificent Maths!

Ellie completed her maths challenge outside this week and wanted to give a demonstration! Ellie your hopsotch is fabulous and you are a natural born performer! Love it!

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Super Science!

Theo has been creating his own weather report with his sister, Chloe. They are amazing, take a look by clicking on the links below...

Fraser completed an excellent experiment on materials and he found that metal was the strongest! Well done, Fraser!

Bodhi Science

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Message from Miss Johnstone 🙂 17.04.20

(If you see this please let others know about it, I’d really appreciate it!)


Morning everyone! Since it’s hard to stay in contact with you all during isolation I thought it would be nice to put a quick message on our class page to check in with you all. 🙂


I hope you and your families are staying safe and making some memories within the safety of your own home. I miss you all lots and can’t wait to be able to make some more memories with you in school! I have been spending a lot of time playing with my little dog - Rory. What have you all been up to? 

Also! I managed to pass on your letters to the elderly people at the care home and they were incredibly happy and thankful for what you all did. You really made a difference and put a smile on their faces so well done to you! 😀 


Reg, I received your Easter egg and postcard! It put a very big smile on my face, thank you so much ☺️ 

Continue doing what you are doing. Do what you can, when you can and however you can dependant on your family circumstances. The most important thing at the moment is that you are all safe. Remember, we are all in this journey together (including the adults!). I miss you a great deal and can’t wait to be back so that I can see how much you have all grown... and how many teeth you have lost!! 

See you soon, I hope. 
Miss Johnstone 💖


Parents/guardians: this one is for you, remember you are doing the best you can and you are not alone in this. 🙂

What are we doing in school today?

We had great fun this afternoon creating our own farm themed word search!

After reading ‘The Little Red Hen’ we wanted to bake some bread but there was no flour available. So, we made toast, enjoying it with butter and jam. It was the first time some of us had made our own toast.

To fit in with our theme of farms we have been digging up our own crops. Everyone did some amazing digging. Could you write a list of the crops that may be grown on a farm? What can you find in your garden?

Day 2. We joined in with Joe Wicks active session again this morning. Phew! It was fun!

We started our day by doing an active PE session following Joe Wicks’ 30 minute video. It was a great start to our day!

In KS1, our theme this week is Farms. Today we have been thinking about what you might see if you were to visit a farm and we designed our own farm! Could you join us in doing the same? Could you design your own farm? ☺️

Welcome to Year 1


A new term and new beginnings! smiley

Welcome back everyone. I look forward to the year ahead with you all as we have lots of exciting things planned!

Meet the Teacher 2019


Key Information:

PE sessions - Monday and Tuesday.

Finchale Fitness - Daily.


We counted forwards and backwards in Maths! We are very confident with this now!

In Spanish we have been learning how to count from Uno to Diez and some basic greetings too!

We really enjoyed our visit to All Saints church this week and we even got to take part in a pretend Holy Communion!

We conducted some fieldwork as part of our Geography focus. We found lots of interesting places on our school grounds using a map!

Ciao! We had an amazing day celebrating European Day of Languages and we tried lots of Italian food. The pizza was very popular but the olives...not so much! We also learnt to count to ten in Italian and some basic greetings too! What a fun day we had.

We enjoyed some delicious cakes at our MacMillan coffee morning ☺️

Using a pro forma map, we located our favourite spots in the school! It was great fun!

It’s National Poetry Day! As a class we created a fantastic acrostic poem all about our school values! Here are some pictures of us working hard!

The NSPCC came to do a ‘Speak out, stay safe’ assembly with us. We now know how to keep ourselves safe.

Today we conducted a playground survey on our school grounds and we located many different places. We were excited to tick off all the places we found!