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Class of 2018-2019

Yearly Overview 2018-2019

Linked to our Science topic on plants, we planted our own sunflowers! We are so excited to see how well they grow! 😁

We enjoyed an excellent day at the Mini Olympics! It was very hot but great fun! 😊

We had a prayer workshop with some visitors from Durham University. We really enjoyed all of the activities!

Our Science Investigation!

It's Pancake Day! We made our own pancakes from scratch today and we enjoyed adding our toppings and eating them afterwards! Miss Johnstone tried to flip the pancake and it didn't work as well as we thought but we thought it was very funny. The pancakes were delicious!

We went to a gymnastics festival today where we did many different activities. We were even able to have a bounce on the trampolines. It was a very exciting day for all of us and we definitely learnt some things to help us with gymnastics in PE at school. It was a great day and we represented Finchale well.

The Valentines disco was excellent! We danced and ate lots of sweets, it was great!

Spooky Maths day at Finchale was a success! We managed to encorporate a spooky theme into our maths and it was very enjoyable for all of us! we even got to eat some spooky cakes. What a fun day it was!

We had a visit from the school nurse today and she did a demonstration on dental hygiene. We joined in with her demonstrations and learnt a lot from this!

Year 1 enjoyed taking part in this year's MacMillan Coffee Morning at Finchale.

Year 1 have been really enjoying completing Finchale Fitness sessions on our new running track!

We worked in different groups today to create a story map for our focus story this term, 'Handa's Surprise'. We loved working in different groups today.

Today in Science we completed a taste test. We tasted some bitter, salty, sweet and sour foods with our eyes closed! We were very brave and everyone at least tried something. It was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed it.

Year 1 took part in the opening of our Finchale Memorial Garden. We were very lucky at our school to be visited by Mrs Sue Snowdon, Her Majesty's Lord-Leiutenant.

In Year 1, we learned about Italy as part of our Finchale European Day of Languages. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves, learning about the location of Italy, the culture and also key words in the Italian language. They also really enjoyed tasting some traditional Italian food.

Here are some extra photos from our European Day of Languages. We had a fantastic day and tried some very interesting foods. Most of us found out that we really did not like olives! It was very funny.

We made human sentences together today! It was really fun!

We used practical objects to order numbers within 20 today. It really helped us!

We used coloured counter to help us with one to one counting today. We really enjoyed this!