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Year 2

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Class of 2017-2018

Summer Term

In the summer term Year 2 will be learning all about the Victorians. Discovering who Queen Victoria was, exploring the artwork of William Morris, learning about inventions in Victorian times and the life of a rich and poor child.

We have a jam packed term with some incredible things planned so let's get going!

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Adam Bushnell visit


Year 2 were very lucky to be visited by the author Adam Bushnell. He inspired us to write adventure stories about a magical battle set in the Victorian times, combining our current topic on the Victorians and our class novel, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

The children loved this session, contributing some fantastic and creative ideas! You could really see how inspired they were to write imaginatively and our final stories were superb!

Thanks Adam and we hope you come and visit us again soon

Spring Term

This Spring term our topic in Year 2 is the Great Fire of London.

We will be learning about why the fire started, how long it lasted, the roles of important figures in 1666 and comparing fire safety then and now.

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Most Original Routine at the Dance Festival, March 2018

Well done Year 2 children for your superb performance at the School Sports Partnership Dance Festival. You called yourselves the Finchale Warriors and danced on stage at the Gala Theatre to “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten.

Your performance was outstanding and you received a well-deserved prize for the Most Original Routine. You perfected your dance/stage skills and the obvious enjoyment showed on your faces when you had the opportunity to perform the routine again in school for your parents/family.


Durham Cathedral trip

Year 2 visited Durham Cathedral as part of their studies on St. Cuthbert and the Tudors. The children got to dress up and have a tour around the cathedral whilst learning about the story of St. Cuthbert's life. They also got the chance to visit the Open Treasure museum looking at artefacts such as St. Cuthbert's cross, his coffin and a range of special Tudor ones too such as portraits of Mary 1.  Year 2 had a fantastic time and behaved exceptionally well.

Well done to Year 2 for being such superb ambassadors for our school.

Science - Investigating the effect exercise has on our bodies

Football Coaching

Year 1 & 2 have been thoroughly enjoying learning the skills needed to play football from a qualified FA (Football Association) Coach. The pictures show them practicing their ball skills, balance, agility and co-ordination. They have also been learning team work skills so vital to football, other games and life in school and beyond!

World Book Day

Great Fire of London Silhouettes

In Art, Year 2 created Great Fire of London Silhouettes using a range of materials such as card, scissors, tissue paper etc. We spent lots of time looking at images by artists and using them as inspiration for our own designs. This was quite tricky as we had to draw out the silhouettes then cut them out very carefully whilst also keeping the shape of the outline of the city too. We then attached our silhouettes to our fire collages. We loved doing this and were really happy with the final results!

Divinity Quintet performed for us from Durham University. We all went on a journey to Finchale's school zoo.

Gymnastics Festival

Year 2 attended a gymnastics PE festival at Sherburn Leisure centre. The children were very lucky to have a wide range of gymnastics equipment available to them at the festival. They enjoyed performing on the beam, trampoline and gymnastics floor. Well done year 2!

Great Fire of London Day in Year 2

Year 2 had a fantastic Great Fire of London day. We investigated how and why the fire started, we explored artefacts and primary and secondary sources and we examined Samuel Pepys diary in greater detail. We also used quills to write lists of our 1600's household items that we would have saved from the fire and we explored maps, demonstrating the damage caused by the fire to London city. The children had a brilliant day!

Looking at Samuel Pepys diary and using quills to write a list of the possessions we would save ourselves

Map work looking at the impact of the fire on London

Looking at primary and secondary sources

The Mayor Came to Visit 31/1/18

The Right Worshipful The Mayor of Durham came to visit school. The Mayor is called Councillor Bill Kellet and the Mayoress is called Mrs Jean Chaplow. He brought his Bodyguard with him.

Autumn Term

This Autumn term we are going to be finding out all about the Tudors discovering: who the Tudors were, their significant role in British history and what life was like in the Tudor period.

It's such a fantastic topic so I am very excited to get started!

smiley Please see our topic overview at the bottom of the page! smiley


Christmas Journey

Year 2 were very lucky to be invited to All Saints church to experience the story of the Christmas Journey.

Designing and Creating Tudor Houses

As part of our Topic on the Tudors, Year 2 have been looking at and investigating Tudor houses. In Design and Technology, we sketched designs of our houses, then used a range of materials such as, paper, cereal boxes, card, straw etc to create them.

We had great fun creating these Tudor houses in a variety of sizes for our display. The children really enjoyed this task and were thrilled with the final pieces!  

Harvest Competition Entries 2017

Harvest Competition Winners 20.10.17


Year 2 were very excited this year to discover we would be getting the chance to learn how to play the ukulele! We have had a couple of lessons so far where we have learnt how to hold a ukulele and how to strum it correctly. The children are all doing very well and are thrilled to be learning how to play this instrument. We look forward to showing you our fabulous new skills soon!

The Tudor Rose

In Year 2 we have been learning all about the significance of the Tudor Rose. The children discovered that the Tudor rose was created by Henry VII when he married Elizabeth of York therefore combining the Lancaster and York rose to create the Tudor rose.

Year 2 created their own Tudor rose using a range of coloured card and demonstrating their excellent cutting skills. After this the children then used a range of collage materials to produce beautiful Stained Glass windows with the Tudor rose as the centrepiece.

This was a really enjoyable task and the final products were fantastic.

Well done Year 2!

Tudor Shields

In year 2, as part of our science work, we have been learning about different materials. In our topic work we have also discovered the importance of shields in Tudor times so we decided to create our own shields using a weaving technique. We had great fun doing this and the final pieces look amazing!

Topic Overviews 2017-2018