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Year 6


Thank you all for being so wonderful - I will miss you all. I will always have special memories of you all being my first class at Finchale. Thank you too, to you and your parents, for the thoughtful gifts and kind words- they are appreciated more than you know. It was an absolute privilege to teach you all. I wish you every success at secondary school, just remember to BELIEVE IN YOURSELVES!!

Much love, 

Mrs. Richardson  xxx


Well, what a fabulous afternoon of fun we had. Dancing, Dominoes, musical statues, talent show, poetry and games. What more could we ask for? A great time was had by all. A massive thank you to the PTA for the delicious pizzas, drinks and awesome hoodies.


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We are trying to make the Y6's final few days here at Finchale as special as possible. As a special treat for them, we have had Adam Bushnell and Captain Chemistry in school doing exciting activities today. Check out the fabulous things we have been up to.

Finchale Family Challenges!

Finchale Rocks!

This week - Finchale Rocks!  Please try to access TTRockstars each day.  I want to see who can improve their studio times, coins collected and correct answers. There are competitions between classes as well as boys v girls!! There will be certificates up for grabs! Don't forget to dress up as a rock star on Friday and please do send your photos into school.


Finchale Family Event - Lock Down Reading Challenge

Over this week, we would like you to carry out some or all of the following activities. Please send your entries to the Y6 email.

  • Extreme Reading Competition: take photos of yourself, pets or family reading in interesting positions and places (but keep safe!).
  • Decorate an area of your house to celebrate a favourite book or favourite author.
  • Create a collage to demonstrate your love of reading.

Closing date Monday 13th July!

BIG SING 25th June 2020 - Watch out Simon Cowell !

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BIG SING 25th June 2020: Photographs

Tuesday 23rd June

Hello, Year 6! It is SOOOO lovely to have you ALL back in school and see all your gorgeous smiling faces!!  I hope you are all having a fantastic week and enjoying being back.

Some reminders:

Don't forget the additional things you can do outside of school, if you wish. Blue Peter have '6 Badges of Summer'  you can collect.  One of these is a sports badge, which links beautifully to our 'Do the Dash' work.  There is a music badge, which could be linked to our 'Big Sing' work next week and there is also a silver badge which is for trying something new.  I wonder whether any of you could be awarded all 6 badges?  I have attached a link to the information below and a copy of the wall chart, which has more information about each badge. Next week is Music Week in the Finchale Family Challenge!  It would be great to see videos of you taking part in the challenge. 


Keep smiling!


More Wonderful Home Learning from Cara and Sadie


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Why are my eyes closed AGAIN? :-)

What does our school look like now?

Mrs Whitton and all the staff have put a lot of time and effort in getting the school safe and 'just right' for all you lovelies coming back, so there is no need to feel worried in any way. To see how our school and classes look now, follow the link below.

More Home Learning 11th June

You've Been Framed ....Finchale Style !!

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As this week is a little different to the one we had expected and planned for, Mr Addinall and I thought you would all enjoy a video with a difference.....our bloopers!!

Awesome Maths and Literacy Home Learning 3rd June from Cara

Eve's Fabulous PowerPoint Quiz on WW2- try it with your family!

Home Learning Week Beginning 1st June

Thought for the Week

HELLO Y6!        1st June

Well, I can't deny that I am disappointed that the reopening of schools in Durham has been delayed for two weeks as I was really looking forward to seeing all your lovely faces again  😢. However, we know that, following official advice, this is absolutely the right decision to keep us all as safe as possible so hang on in there. It will just make our 'reunion' all the sweeter!


This week's work in now in the Y6 folder- just follow the usual link which has now been renewed. Don't forget to enter the Finchale Family Recipe Challenge and, great news, the deadline has now been extended to 1st June!! 🤗


Again, thank you all so much for the wonderful work and photos you have been sending in. Who can you spot in the pictures above this week? Do you recognise anybody's impressively detailed handwriting? I have received some very moving pieces that give accounts of elderly relatives actual experiences during WW2 (linked with VE Day) which brought tears to my eyes and some newspaper reports with fabulous journalistic style! There are super photos of more puzzle solutions, science investigations, family walks, games and even a sponsored event that required fancy dress!! Please keep up the hard work and keep smiling. I am so excited to see you all on the 15th June. 


Big virtual hugs,


Mrs. R.

Home Learning Week Beginning 18th May

Solution to the Puzzle

HELLO Y6!        18th May

Well the IT gremlins are out again as my video for this week will not upload despite several attempts 😢. However, just so you don't feel you are missing out, I have popped some photos of what madness has occured in my house recently!  These include: hair-raising hairdressing, Rosie and Pebbles' attempt at a PE session and VE Day craziness I came home from work to! 🙈


This week's work in now in the Y6 folder- just follow the usual link. Don't forget to enter the Finchale Family Recipe Challenge and, great news, the deadline has now been extended to 1st June!! 🤗


Thank you all so much for the fabulous work and photos you have been sending in. Who can you spot in the pictures above? Do you recognise anybody's handwriting (which is incredibly neat and wonderfully detailed, I might add!)? Please keep up the hard work and the positive spirit. I am so excited and looking forward to seeing you all, hopefully, on the 1st June. 

Big virtual hugs,

Mrs. R.

Richardson Madness

A Star in Our Midst

Sadie has composed a beautiful dance which expresses the challenging times she has recently had. The accompanying song sums up all the emotion and strength she and her family have had to draw on. I'm not ashamed to say that I, for one, cried my eyes out watching and listening to this fantastic piece. Well done Sadie , you are so brave and we are so proud of you!! 💖 

Follow the usual weekly planning link to find her video in the Y6 folder.

More VE Day Photos

Quote of the Week 11th May

Healthy Mind Activities

Keep Fit Fun



Twenty-three letters; thirty-one VERY important names (first names only!)


Our first letter is in Oisin and Eloisa but not in Rinoa.

Patrick and Catherine, and nobody else, have our second.

Our third is in Jake and Mae but not in Jenny.

Our fourth is shared by Dylan and Lucy but not by Callum.


Neither Rik nor Eliza-May have our fifth but Ross has two!

Aidan and Cara have our sixth as opposed to Oisin who does not.

Not one of you have the seventh but Finchale does!

Beau and Ben (but not Patrick) have our eighth.


Out of Maya, Molly and Millie, only the first two have our ninth.

Out of Maya, Millie and Eliza-May, just the last two have our tenth.

Calym and Megan, but not Eve, share our eleventh.

The twelfth – that’s a year 5 spelling word by the way - is in Rinoa and Cara but not in Holly.


Eve, Oliver and Evan all share our thirteenth.

Rik, Lillyanne and Catherine have our fourteenth in common.


Edward and William alone have our fifteenth.

Evan, Beau and Mae share our sixteenth.


Callum has the seventeenth and so does Megan; Sadie does not.

Between them, William and Aidan have three of our eighteenth letter – Lucy and Jake have none.

Sadie and Ross have our nineteenth letter whereas Ben doesn’t.

Our twentieth is in Eloisa but not in Edward.


Our twenty-first letter is possessed by these four people: Jenny, Dylan, Calym and LillyAnne.

Holly, Molly and Oliver have our twenty-second.

Just like we want to share the classroom with you again soon, “you all” and “us” share the final letter.


Well, I have been blown away by all the wonderful things you have all been up to. I am immensely proud of you all!! 

At last the phantom stone painter has been revealed.....Molly !!!! Thank you so much, your beautiful creations that you have been leaving at the school gate has really made us all smile.

Callum- what a fabulous leaflet about our school! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! Well done!

Dylan- I can't keep up with all the activities you have been doing- WOW! Loving the lego photo in our gallery. Super!

Aidan- you are another one keeping me on my toes with all the wonderful things you have been up to. I can't wait to taste this fabulous cooking you are now doing! Keep it up!

Sadie (also know as Speed Reading Demon!)'ve read ANOTHER book! Fabulous! As for your very creative and amazing art installation, I think the Tate Gallery have got competition!  

Mae- WOW! Thank you for your balanced argument, you obviously worked EXTREMELY hard on it. Wonderful!

Cathy- you are melt all our hearts with your super cute chicks from your quail egg science project! Beautiful!


Please keep all your fabulous photos coming in. I have keep some competition entries back as well as those solving the puzzle in order to give others a chance to enter.... but they will be posted soon!


Take good care of each other.


Virtual hugs,


Mrs. R.

DRUM ROLL PLEASE..................

I am excited to share that Rik has achieved Rock Hero (speed 0.98s/q) after several months of practising on TTRockstars. We are SOOOOOOOO proud of you Rik. That is epic! Well done!

Monday 11th May continued....


We are now having a TTRockstars challenge with Year 5. It starts today and runs until Sunday night. I wonder who will win?


Thank you for all the photos and videos you have been sending in- they are just FABULOUS!!! Keep them coming and I will endeavour to upload as many as possible through the week.


Stay safe and keep smiling.wink

Home Learning Picture Gallery 7th May 2020

Week Beginning 4th May 2020

Quote of the Week

Home Learning Picture Gallery
WOW! Well done to you busy lot! I have had some fabulous photos sent to me of the amazing (and creative!) things you have been doing at home. Thank you Cara for the super maths and the outstanding presentation skills- you know how much I like to nag about that! Dylan has caught some awesome images of the moon through his telescope as well as practising his keyboard and creating pictures with stones- fabulous! Rik has made a great piece of origami as well as a tent decorated to thank the NHS- fantastic! Jenny has been creating artwork based around World Earth Day- brilliant. We even have a potential future Bake Off competitor in our class now Edward has won a Y6 Master Chef competition- what a wonderful achievement! Keep sending in your photographs, they are keeping us smiling and inspired!
Week Beginning 27th April 2020

Quote of the Week

Hello Year 6!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter and didn't overdo the chocolate (although, I may have eaten several eggs too many myself🤢!)


I hope you are all continuing to keep yourselves safe and well.🌈 Most importantly, I hope you are looking after each other and staying strong in these tricky circumstances.💖


Be in no doubt how much I am missing you and thinking about you all. Thank you for the great pictures and activities some of you have sent in. It's lovely to see what you are up to. They've really put a smile on my face and making me very proud of you. ☺ Special shout-outs to: Sadie for her fabulous reading, Molly ( and her sister) for your super posters, Catherine with her awesome reading diary, Dylan for his homemade wonderful wordsearch, Patrick for his well deserved HT award and to Eve for her amazing powerpoint. I am super proud of you all!!  Remember you are all still part of our Finchale family and we are hoping we are all back together very soon.


Huge virtual hugs ,


Mrs. Richardson.

29th April 2020,,, Update....

Congratulations to Jon K...  who is the first in the school to overtake Mr. Addinall on TRRockstars! Who is the pupil behind the mystery pseudonym we wonder? Our spies are investigating!! Mr. Addinal told our spies, "I’ve finally been toppled but I shall be back!!!!"

Update for Week Beginning 6th April 2020


The School Sport Partnership have sent us some fabulous activities for you and your families to keep fit and active at home. Please link onto:


There is everything from card deck fun to zumba video routines. I particularly love the range of activities on the home activity cards. Your parents can also check out the regular fitness and skill challenges on their Facebook page: Durham and Chester-Le-Street School Sport Partnership.



  • If you haven't already, why not try Draw with Rob on You Tube? Discover your inner-artist!
  • Create a scene of your choice for Easter by decorating hard boiled eggs and creating a fun background with a cardboard box and whatever resources you have at home.
  • Look at some of the activities we have been doing in school on the KS2 page and see if you can create your own versions.



 Adam Bushnell is streaming a live storytelling session on You Tube at 2:30pm everyday- listen to his stories and use these as inspiration to write your own.



Calculate the area and perimeter of each room in your house.

Extra challenge- draw a floorplan to scale of each floor!


Mental Wellbeing

Check out this website:


Quote for the Week

Sprinkle kindness like confettiheart.

3rd April

Hello, everyone.

I thought I would give you a quick update on TTRockstars. We are currently having a battle with Year 6 and at 1:30pm the scores were:

Year 5 2399 vs Year 6 7348

Well done Year 6. Let's keep it going! A special mention has to go to Rik as the boy who has got the most correct answers so far (a huge 2592) and Sadie as the girl who has got the most correct answers so far (1168).


I have also set up a battle between Year 6 boys and girls! I wonder who will win?

Week beginning Monday 23rd March

I hope you are all safe and well and that you are all looking after one another.  Remember to help around the house too. Putting your dishes in the sink, helping to clear the table, putting your dirty washing in the laundry bin and tidying your bedroom are little things that you can do that will be a BIG help to those in your household.

It would be brilliant if you could go on the following websites during this time. We, here at Finchale, will be regularly checking in to see how you are all doing and to see if I need to set any additional challenges.


We have set up new tables so we can see who is accumulating coins and improving their studio speed time.  Let’s see who will earn the most coins this week!

Fiction Express

Pick a level 3 text that interests you, it does not have to be the Pick of the Week, and enjoy! Don't forget to take part in the quiz at the end of each chapter.  I can see some of you have made a good start with this already so well done!

Read Theory

To start this off, once you have logged in with the passwords stuck in your blue exercise book in your pack, you will be asked to answer 8 pre-assessment questions independently. The program will then (very cleverly!) assess the level you are working at, guide you to an appropriate text which matched your needs and give you generated questions to answer on that text. Give a go and enjoy!


Please have a look at the spelling and mathematics games on here. 

Classroom Secrets Kids.

There are lots of games on here to enhance your mathematics and English skills as well. There are even video tutorials.



Please take care, stay safe and look after each other.

Much love,

Mrs. Richardson. 


p.s. Now I am able to access the website, I will be putting up some memories of our time together so far, so keep an eye out!

Welcome to Year 6



We are going to be having an exciting time in Year 6 this term learning about lots of different things. Have a look at our Autumn Term overview to see what we shall be finding out about.

Dec 2019 - KS2 Christmas Performance 'The Mystery at Magpie Manor'

Dec 2019 DT - Making automata animals

Nov 2019 Centre for Life visit.

Nov 2019 Safety Carousel

Nov 2019 Anti-Bullying Week. Designing and making 'Be Kind' key rings to hand put to pupils in school to promote kindness and inclusivity.

Nov 2019 Children in Need Day. Assembly presented by the Year 6 SWAG Team.

Maths Week England - November 2019

As part of our celebrations for Maths Week England, pupils in Years 5 & 6 took part in a live lesson in conjunction with NRICH.  We had to solve puzzles and problems around volume.  We had to estimate how many teddies were in a jar and then how many larger teddies would fit into our classroom.  Interesting discussions were held and our pupils used some fabulous examples of mathematical language.

We had 3 pupils who estimated the correct amount of teddies in the jar and one pupil who calculated how many teddies would fit into the Year 6 classroom.  Well done to everyone!

Nov 2019 Years 5 & 6 Indoor Athletics Competition WINNERS!

Nov 2019 Science - Designing and making our own warning device to tell people if a precious object (in this case a packet of sweets) has been stolen from a museum.

Nov 2019 An inspiring and exciting workshop with Adam Bushnell based around a WWI soldier

Nov 2019 Creating drawings using the World War I artist, Paul Nash as inspiration.

Nov 2019 Divali Assembly

Oct 2019 In Flanders Fields Blackout Poetry

Oct 2019 Spooky Maths Day - Year 6 worked together in maths to solve 'The Mystery of the Winning Halloween Costume'.

Oct 2019 Performance of 'Is this a dagger?'The story of Macbeth

Oct 2019 NSPCC Workshop

Oct 2019 - PE Three Jump Challenge.

Oct 2019 Science - Investigating how the length of a wire affects the brightness of a bulb in a circuit.

Oct 2019 National Poetry Day. Enjoying reading and performing poems to the class.

Sept 2019 Celebrating European Day of Languages. Year 6 worked to create their own factual posters about Poland. With help from Maya, they learned how to count to ten and sing 'Heads, shoulders, knees and toes' in Polish. They even got to sample polish sausage too.

Sept 2019 Investigating different types of cams

Sept 2019 Science - Investigating what is the best way to change the brightness of a bulb

Sept 2019 - Learning by heart 'The Highwayman' by Alfred Noyes and performing to the class

Sept 2019 - Using Scratch to write our own math quiz

Sept 2019 - Working in pairs to find the meanings of historical words from the poem 'The Highwayman' by Alfred Noyes

Sept 2019 - French lessons with Mrs Hamill

Sept 2019 - Year 6 Multi sports Event at Maiden Castle

Sept 2019 - Timeline activity. Ordering events that have posed a danger or threat to Britain.