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Year 5

Hello, Year 5! I thought I would add a little bit of information at the top of the page to explain the organisation of the page.  At the top you will find my video, underneath this will be any updates for the current week. Then, you will find 'Our Gallery' (this is where I will post any photos that you send in), you will then find my previous updates and after that, any useful web links.  Please keep checking in to see all of the wonderful things you have been up to.

Working From Home

Hello my lovely lot! I hope you are all safe and well and that you are all looking after one another.  Remember to help around the house too. Putting your dishes in the sink, helping to clear the table, putting your dirty washing in the laundry bin and tidying your bedroom are little things that you can do that will be a BIG help to those in your household.

Wb 13th July

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Finchale Rocks! Wb 6th July

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Finchale Rocks!

Finchale Family Challenges!

Finchale Rocks!

This week - Finchale Rocks!  Please try to access TTRockstars each day  I want to see who can improve their studio times, coins collected and correct answers. There will be certificates up for grabs! Don't forget to dress up as a rock star on Friday and please do send your photos into school.


Finchale Family Event - Lock Down Reading Challenge

Final call! Over the last full week, we would like you to carry out some or all of the following activities. Please send your entries to your class teacher.

  • Extreme Reading Competition: take photos of yourself, pets or family reading in interesting positions and places (but keep safe!).
  • Decorate an area of your house to celebrate a favourite book or favourite author.
  • Create a collage to demonstrate your love of reading.

Closing date Monday 13th July!

Hello Year 5 🎼 wb29th June

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Week beginning 22nd June

Friday 19th June

Hello, Year 5! How are you all?  I hope you have all had a fantastic week. I wanted to share some information with you about Blue Peter's '6 Badges of Summer'.  They have... wait for it... 6 badges that you can collect.  One of these is a sports badge, which links beautifully to our 'Do the Dash' work.  There is a music badge, which could be linked to our 'Big Sing' work next week and there is also a silver badge which is for trying something new.  I wonder whether any of you could be awarded all 6 badges?  I will attach a link to the information below and a copy of the wall chart, which has more information about each badge.

TTRockstars! This week, we are competing against Year 3.  At 3pm today, the scores were as follows:

Year 3 vs Year 5  

5492 vs 3520

Well done to those of you who have had the opportunity to take part.

Can I also remind you that next week is Music Week in the Finchale Family Challenge!  It would be great to see some photos or videos of you taking part in the challenge.  You never know, I might even get Mr Sleeman to record me on my Trombone (I have a pBone trombone at home!).  

I do hope you have a lovely weekend.  Stay safe, my lovely lot.

Mrs Sleeman.


Blue Peter 6 Badges of Summer Wall Chart

Home Learning - Week Beginning 15th June

Tuesday 26th May

Good morning, Year 5! I do hope you are having a wonderful half term holiday.  We had such beautiful weather yesterday, let's hope that we have a repeat of that for the rest of the week too!  I do love to hear what you have been up to.  In the Sleeman household we have had our second birthday in isolation!  It was Amelia's last week (moving into double figures - you all know how important that is!) so we had a movie afternoon and a neon disco bowling party (on the Nintendo Wii) with disco lights from her karaoke machine. Oh, and we had lots of cake too.  Then, it was Mr Sleeman's over the weekend. This called for more cake - this time a chocolate cake, which the girls made and decorated, and some blueberry muffins, which I made.We have consumed a lot of cake over the last week!

I also wanted to let you know about the last TTRockstars battle!  We were competing against Year 6 and here are the scores:

Year 5  8630 vs 8110 Year 6

Year 5 won! Congratulations, guys! Well done to those of you who joined in.  I am about to send a certificate to the top 3 finishers, so keep an eye on your mailboxes! 

Have the best half term, Year 5 - you thoroughly deserve it.

Take care.  Missing you lots.

Mrs Sleeman.


Home Learning - Week Beginning 25th May

Week beginning 18th May


Friday 22nd May

Morning, my lovely lot!

I have been on TTRockstars this morning and at 10am the scores are:

Year 5 6425 vs 5949 Year 6

I also wanted to wish you all a lovely and well deserved half term.  Take and stay safe.

Mrs Sleeman. 

Thursday 21st May

New Update! I have just checked TTRockstars (at 3:30pm) and the current scores are:

Year 5 5282 vs 5637 Year 6

It is extremely close! Well done to everyone who has contributed!

Thursday 21st May

Good morning! Thank you for the photos and work that I have received.  I shall be adding it to our Class Gallery shortly. I thought I would give you a little update on TTRockstars! At 11am the scores are as follows:

Year 5 3275 vs 5345 Year 6 

A special mention must go to: Josh, Alex, Lilian, Ethan, Max, Grace, Jenna and Henry!

Please keep smiling and being as wonderful as you all are.  I know these are strange times but we are all in this together and I know that you are all just fabulous.

Take care,

Mrs Sleeman.

Wednesday 20th May

What a beautiful day! I do hope you are all enjoying the sunshine. I just thought I would share some photos of the cake I made at the weekend (the one I showed you in the video).  I have been reassured that it was very tasty!  Needless to say, it took me a very long time to make and I certainly don't think I will be going into the cake making business at any time!

Take care,

Mrs Sleeman.

Tuesday 19th May

Hello, Year 5! How are you all?  I hope you are keeping well. Thank you for sending in your work and photos to keep me up-to-date with how you all are.  I do like to hear how are you doing. You are all fabulous and I am very proud of you.

I have looked on TTRockstars and I have emailed a certificate to the top 3 players in Year 5 who accumulated the most coins. Keep an eye on your inboxes! Don't forget that this week we are having a tournament against Year 6 again and the current scores are:

Year 5 1349 vs 3280 Year 6

Don't forget that we also have Bug Club, Fiction Express and EdShed and there are activities on there that you can do too.

Also, please think about a recipe that you could send in to school.  We are going to send in our recipe for chocolate brownies.  They are a definite favourite in our house and they don't last for very long either as they get eaten rather too quickly!

Friday 15th May - Kenning answers

Good morning! It is time for the big reveal! We have had some excellent suggestions for what you think the answer to each kenning is.  I shall now let you know!

1. A bird

2. An alarm clock

3. A spider

4. An ice-cream

Well done to those of you who guessed correctly.  I wonder whether you could come up with your own kenning and see whether anyone can guess what you are describing.

Our Gallery

Have a look at the fantastic work you have been doing at home.  Please keep sending in your work.  I just love to see what you are up to.


Our Writing!

Please have a look at some of the writing you have been doing recently.  I can see that you have given a lot of thought into the work that you have produced.  For the descriptions, I could really picture what it was that you were describing and I loved the report on the Chark and its unusual features.

Alex helping out at home!

Alex is being very useful whilst at home. Here he is, helping to blow the cherry blossom off the trampoline! 

Our VE Day Celebrations


Lilian's celebrations

Lilian decided to take some of the flowers from her garden and rearrange them into the style of the Union Jack within her own fairy garden pots.  What a clever idea!

Adam's Diary Writing

As part of our work this week, Adam produced a diary entry as a child on VE Day.  I really like how his opening really captures what was life was like at the time.

Jenna's Celebrations

Jenna, her brother and her Dad decided to decorate the pavements and road outside of their house to celebrate VE Day.  Aren't they very talented?

Amelia's Celebrations

Amelia and her brother decorated bunting to celebrate VE Day and our Key Workers. They look very colourful and just perfect!


Adam's Wartime Recipe Baking

Adam has used one of the recipes from the World War 2 recipe booklet that I sent to you to make pancakes this morning. They look delicious!  He has used chocolate spread, which is a popular topping in the Sleeman household too! Great work, Adam (and Emma!).

Our Rainbow Artwork

Please have a look at the fabulous work you have been doing. There has been plenty of drawing, colouring, painting, constructing and even chalking  You have all been so creative and I am very impressed! 

Jenna's entry

Still image for this video

Belle's Geography PowerPoint Presentations.

Belle really enjoyed the geography work that was initially sent out and has created two different PowerPoint Presentations (Belle loves doing PowerPoints!). Please read them as they will enhance your knowledge on our fantastic places around the world. 

Adam's Dragon Work

Adam has drawn 'Toothless' from 'How to Train Your Dragon' as inspiration for his writing task this week.  I think his drawing is an excellent representation of the character that we read about in class.  Well done, Adam.

Jenna's Wonderful Work (+ cat!)

Jenna has been working her socks off at home! She has been independently working her way through the activities that were sent home, showing a really mature approach to her work.  Great work, Jenna, keep it up!

Lilian's Marvelous Music Achievement

Please have a look at Lilian's achievement.  After her first webcam Cornet lesson she was able to play 'Turkish Delight'.  Keep practising, Lilian! 

Maddy's Fun and Games

Maddy has been having lots of fun at home.  She has been building Lego and playing with her sister.

Amelia's Amazing Mayan PowerPoint (with added hyperlinks)

Please have a look at Amelia's fantastic and informative Powerpoint on the Mayans.  She has put a lot of work into this and I am very impressed by her use of hyperlinks!  I bet you find out something new from reading it.

Coco's Fantastic Poetry

Coco has been working hard and has produced some fantastic poetry during her time at home.  I love Coco's use of language. Here are some of my favourites.

Week beginning 11th May

15th May

Good morning, everyone! I do hope that you have had a good week.  I have revealed the answers to the kennings that were in my video on Monday.  Please have a look underneath the video at the top of the page.  I wonder how many you got correct?

I have been keeping a close eye on our TTRockstars battle with Year 6 and I am so pleased to see so many of you have been taking part. Great work everyone!  The scores at 10am today are:

Year 5  4553  vs  9396 Year 6

Please remember that when the competition ends there will be a certificate for the top 3 finishers in Year 5. 

Also, don't forget about the Finchale Family Challenge. We want to see your recipes!

Have a fabulous weekend, you lovely lot!

Take care,

Mrs Sleeman.

11th May

Good afternoon, Year 5! I do hope you have had a lovely weekend.

Please take some time to have a look at the videos above - I have set you a little challenge.

Thank you for the photographs you have sent in so far to show how you have celebrated VE Day - they are fabulous!

Great work on TTRockstars.  The final scores for last week's tournament was:

Boys 3321  vs Girls 351

What a fabulous score, boys! Well done to the girls too. I am very proud of you all.  I have emailed some certificates for the top finishers in both categories (boys and girls).  Great work and a special mention to: Alex, Ethan, Josh, Tobi, Jamie. C, Henry, Jenna, Lilian, Belle and Georgia.

This week we having a tournament against Year 6.  So all of your scores will be combined together and the top 3 finishers will be for the whole of Year 5.  

Keep being brilliant, Year 5.

Mrs Sleeman.

Week Beginning 4th May

Friday 8th May

Good afternoon on VE Day.  I do hope you are all having a lovely day.  I can't wait to see what you have all been up to!  We are planning on having afternoon tea, shortly, with sandwiches cut up into triangles, homemade cupcakes (made with buckwheat flour!), lemon cake and scones with jam and cream. We will be using the cake stand that Dr. Whitton bought me for my birthday a little while ago! I thought I would pop a photo on to show you how we have decorated the window in my house. My girls have been very busy! Take care and enjoy.

Mrs Sleeman.

Thursday 7th May

Good morning, everyone! How are you all?  Hopefully you have now received your work for the following week. Thank you so much for the fantastic work you have been sending in.  I just love hearing how well you are doing.  Don't forget your new Finchale Family Challenge is to show us how you have celebrated VE Day.  I can't wait to see what you have been doing!

TTRockstars update! The scores on the doors (at 9am) are:

Boys 1261 vs 340 Girls

The boys are staging a comeback!  A special mention must go to: Alex, Tobi, Ethan, Jamie. C, Henry, Jenna, Lilian and Belle.  Keep it going everyone!

Take care and stay safe.  Missing you all.

Mrs Sleeman.

Tuesday 5th May

Good afternoon, Year 5! Thank you so much for the wonderful work that is still coming in. Remember, I want to know what it is that you are proud of.  What have you done that has given you a real sense of achievement? Please let me know! Also, don't forget to get your entries in for the Rainbow Art competition - they need to be with me by tomorrow! 

I can't wait to see what you have planned for VE Day.  I am planning on getting my girls to decorate and make some bunting.  We are going to have afternoon tea and we might even make a cake following a wartime recipe.  I saw a recipe for wartime chocolate spread that was made from mashed potato and cocoa powder.  I wonder what that tastes like?!  

A quick update on TTRockstars, at 3:30pm this afternoon the scores on the doors were:

Boys 206 vs 340 Girls

It is very close, let's see who the winners will be!  A special mention must go to Tobi, Henry, Jenna, Lilian and Belle. Great work, guys!

Please remember that I am so proud of you all for everything that you are doing right now. We are all in this together.

Ok, I'm signing off for now! Keep in touch.

Mrs Sleeman.

W/b 27th April

Friday 1st May

Good morning, everyone!  How are you all? I hope you are doing well. 


I thought I would give another little update and check in to see how you all are.  We have been very busy in the Sleeman household this week, my girls have had their school work to do and their gymnastics homework! I also had a very important job - I had to cut Mr Sleeman's hair!  I am not going to lie, I was feeling a little nervous and apprehensive as I have not done it before but I took on the challenge and it was a success!

I would love to hear what you are proud of this week.  What have you achieved that has made you feel happy inside?


I hope you are enjoying our class gallery of the wonderful work and activities you are taking part in. Keep sending your photos! 

Don't forget the art challenge that Dr Whitton has set - send in your photos of your rainbow artwork and we will add them to the website.

TTRockstars - at 10am this morning the tournament scores were:

Boys 540 vs 1179 Girls

A special mention has to go to Josh, Jamie.C, Mason, Adam, Lilian, Belle, Grace, Jenna, Amelia and Amelia.  Well done for contributing to the team scores. You have until Sunday evening, everyone!

It's great to see that some of you have been on BubClub - great work.  I have added responses to your answers so please have a look at these.  Please don't worry if you haven't had the chance to get on BugClub yet though.

Remember, we are all in this together.

Take care,

Mrs Sleeman.


30th April

Good morning, everyone! I hope you are well.  It has been lovely to hear how you are doing and what you have been up to.  I thought I would pop a quick update on here for TTRockstars. Normally, every time I check, the boys are beating the girls but today (at 11am) the girls are winning! Keep up the super work everyone.  A special mention has to go to Josh and Lilian.

Boys 384 vs 812 Girls

Please remember to keep reading and have a look on TTRockstars.

I have to say I am really proud of all of you and how you are doing.  Keep smiling, keep being positive and keep in touch!

Missing you all dearly,

Mrs Sleeman.


27th April

Hello! I hope you're all well and that you had a lovely Easter.  

I am missing you all, especially those happy, smiling faces of you all! It has been lovely to see the photos you have sent in.  Please keep them coming in as I love seeing what you are all up to and we can put them on the website.  I am sure your parents are very proud of you all right now and I can't wait until we can share your stories of what you have all been up to.

The home learning pack for this week was sent out this morning, so you should have received this. If there are any problems, please let me know. I have also set up another competition on TTRockstars.  So far, the boys have won every tournament I have set up so far - well done, boys!

Remember to stay safe and look after one another.

Thinking of you all!

Mrs. Sleeman.


7th April

Good afternoon, Year 5! I hope you are able to enjoy the sunshine from the comfort of your own houses.  What a beautiful day!  I hope this update finds you well. heart

I have some fantastic news to share!  I have just checked my emails and I have had an email from the people who are running the 500 words competition that we entered a little while ago. They have created a short list of entries.  Nearly 135,000 people entered and they have made a shortlist of only 5,000 stories. Year 5, we have 2 stories that have made it into the final 5,000! How fantastic is that?!  I know you are desperate for me to reveal who they are so here goes....

Maddy - The Battle of the Heart Ripper Dragon


Amelia. C - Journey Through Galaxies Afar

Well done, girls! I am so proud of you and I only wish that I could have shared this news with you in person to see how happy it has made you.  I have to say that I thought the quality of all of the entries was very high, and, as always, I was very proud of you all. 


Now for TTRockstars! In the Boys vs Girls battle the scores were as follows:

Year 5 Boys 3694 vs 2610 Year 5 Girls

Well done, boys! A special mention has to go to Jamie. C and Lilian.


In the Year 5 vs Year 6 battle the scores were as follows:

Year 5 3109 vs 12,463 Year 6 

Well done, Year 6!

Stay safe. Missing you all.

Mrs. Sleeman

3rd April

Hello! I hope you're all ok and looking after one another.  I thought I would just give a quick update on how you are doing on TTRockstars.

Here are the scores at 10am on 3rd April:

Boys 3018 vs 2222 Girls

A special mention has to go to Jamie.C who has accumulated 2000 correct answers so far for the boys and also to Lilian who has accumulated 1245 correct answers for the girls.  Great work!


Also for the Year 5 vs Year 6 the scores are as follows:

Year 5 2068 vs 4307 Year 6


I hope you are enjoying the current book on Fiction Express.  I can see that a lot more of you are reading it - well done!

Our Edshed stars have to be Adam and Jessica R - I am impressed! Our class is also top of the leader board for spelling scores.

Keep up all of the super work, everyone, and make sure that you are making time to have fun and to make new memories.

Missing you all,

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Sleeman.




31st March

A quick TTRockstars update:

Boys 80 vs 893 Girls

Well done to Adam and Ethan, who have gained the points for the boys, and to Lilian, Amelia. C, Jenna, Isla. H and Belle who have accumulated the points for the girls so far!  Well done!


Update: 30th March

Hello again! 

Here is an update on the TTRockstars tournament. The boys won!! The final scores were:

Boys 7290 vs 1643 Girls

Wow! Year 5 boys - what a splendid job! A special shout out has to go to Tobi, Olly, Lilian and Isla. N for helping to accumulate the most points for their team.

I will set up a new challenge to start on Tuesday 31st March.  Again, it will be boys vs girls.  I wonder who will win this time? 

I can see a few more of you have been on Fiction Express and EdShed too - well done!

Please have a look at some of the suggested activities and websites below. Who knows, you might find a new talent!

Take care, missing you all (you lovely lot!).

Mrs Sleeman.



Update: 27th March.

What lovely weather! I do hope you are making the most of it!

I have been checking TTRockstars and the boys are winning at the moment!! The current scores (Friday 2pm) are Boys 4,582 vs Girls 1,148. A special mention to Tobi and Olly who have accumulated a lot of coins! Come on, everyone, let's see how well you can do!

I can see that some more of you have been on Fiction Express and EdShed too, so well done!

I am going to add some different ideas of activities you could do to our class page, just below the suggested websites.  Please have a look as you might find something to interest you!

Stay safe and look after each other.

Mrs Sleeman. 

Week beginning Monday 23rd March

It would be fabulous if you could go on the following websites during this time. I will be regularly checking in to see how you are all doing and to see if I need to set any additional challenges.


I have set up new tables so I can see who is accumulating coins and improving their studio speed time.  These tables started on Monday and I can see that some of you have already been on and made improvements already.  Well done to Isla, Josh and Isla for earning the most coins so far this week!

I have also created a contest boys vs girls in Year 5.  It will be interesting to see who the winners are on Sunday night! I will post the winning team next Monday.

Fiction Express

Our current book is 'Ghostwriter' by Cethan Leary. Chapter 3 is out at the moment. Don't forget to take part in the quiz at the end of each chapter.  I can see that Ethan and Mason have made a good start with this already so well done, boys!


Please have a look at the spelling and mathematics games on here.  I am currently setting up spelling games for you to take part in.  These all start with 'Year 5...'. Some of the games are spellings we have already covered and I will add on this term's current spelling lists.  Well done to Amelia. M, Grace, Isla, Isla, Jamie. C and Mason for your contributions on EdShed so far!

Classroom Secrets Kids.

There are lots of games on here to enhance your mathematics and English skills as well. There is even a video tutorial on Roman Numerals (see the link below).


Please take care, stay safe and look after each other.

Much love,

Mrs Sleeman. 

Key information and websites

Suggested Activities

Below are some suggested websites or activities that you could perhaps take part in or watch. 

Parents: Just to make you aware, some of these are YouTube or Facebook links.

Welcome Back to Year 5.

I am looking forward to an excellent year with you all. There are many exciting things planned for this year and I know you will thoroughly enjoy what we have planned.

Author Visit - Adam Bushnell. January 2020

What a wonderful morning we all had! As part of our work on the Vikings, we had a creative writing morning with local author Adam Bushnell. Continuing with our focus on whether the Vikings were vicious beasts or peaceful people looking for a place to settle, we learned more about their lifestyle, why they came to England and what happened when they were here. In preparation for creating our own Viking myth, we created our own mythical creature, giving it a Kenning name. From this, we then wrote our own version of a Viking warrior’s exaggeration (hyperbole) as to how he won his most recent battle. We also created a descriptive setting and a battle between our mythical creature and the Viking warrior. We cannot wait to get started with writing our myth!

Centre for Life Visit - November 2019

Wow! What more can we say? What a fabulous day we all had - including staff and parent helpers! 

We had an action packed day.  When we first arrived, we visited the interactive Space Zone.  This was where we had the opportunity to find out about our Solar System, the chance to be a weather person, we pretended to be a member of staff in the mission control room, we had our photo superimposed on an astronaut and even sat on a mock toilet in the International Space Station! Following this, we took part in an activity where we had to construct a catapult to send a rescue line to a target. The member of staff commented that our class scored the highest score on that task, ever! We then watched a theatre show where we were dazzled by lots of scientific facts and visited the interactive zone.  After lunch (and a visit to the shop), we took part in our workshop, 'Mission to Mars'.  We had to use coding to send messages to a Mars Rover to move and negotiate obstacles on a mock surface of the moon.  The leader for the activity complimented our class on their resilience (one of our school values).  We then finished the afternoon off with a visit to the planetarium. 

Design & Technology Masterclass! November 2019

This morning we were treated to an introduction to the coding programme, Crumble, by Michael Nelson.  We started the morning with identifying the components in a simple electrical circuit and how this links to creating a code to light an LED bulb.  We also used a Crumble board and an algorithm to create a series of flashing lights on one 'Sparkle' board and then with 2 'Sparkle' boards.  Mr Nelson shared with us that this was what the Lumiere lights were made of.  After practising using coding in other ways, we then created a set of code to move a vehicle in a square with flashing lights on it.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the morning.  Mr Nelson praised the resilience of our class as everyone persevered, even when they found it difficult to solve any problems.   

Years 5 & 6 Indoor Athletics success! We are now through to the finals on Wednesday 4th December. Go Team Finchale!

Sharing our Geography Homework - November 2019

What a fantastic set of homework! I am so impressed by the high quality, imaginative and informative work Year 5 have produced.  From 3D models, interactive models, PowerPoints and posters to a geography calendar, we have been treated to a wide range of information. As part of their homework, pupils are also sharing the work they have produced with the rest of the class.  Each presentation we have heard so far has been clear and of a high quality.  Everyone has learned a great wealth of information.


Maths Week England - November 2019

As part of our celebrations for Maths Week England, pupils in Years 5 & 6 took part in a live lesson in conjunction with NRICH.  We had to solve puzzles and problems around volume.  We had to estimate how many teddies were in a jar and then how many larger teddies would fit into our classroom.  Interesting discussions were held and our pupils used some fabulous examples of mathematical language.

We had 3 pupils who estimated the correct amount of teddies in the jar and one pupil who calculated how many teddies would fit into the Year 6 classroom.  Well done to everyone!

Sharing our talents - October 2019

Today, we were treated to Ethan playing a range of songs on his guitar.  A firm favourite was 'I'll be Riding Shotgun' with everyone in the class joining in and singing.  We were all very proud of Ethan sharing his special talent with us and showing what a fantastic guitar player he is.

Spooky Maths Day - October 2019

Pupils in Year 5 solved a series of problems which focused on the work they had carried out on the topic of place value with numbers up to a million.  Each puzzle or problem they solved led them closer to finding out who the mystery prankster of Hallowe'en was.   Once they had identified the prankster, they then created their own puzzles.

Captain Chemistry - October 2019

What a fantastic day we have had! We had a visit from Captain Chemistry to help us with our topic of 'Forces'.  Throughout the day we took part in lots of practical activities including designing and making our very own rockets.  We had to consider how to ensure our rocket was streamlined do that it could travel the furthest distance.  After we had completed our designs, we then headed outside to see who had created the winning design.  We then moved on to looking at air resistance and we considered how the shape of a parachute could affect the speed at which it fell using the 'Dropenater 5000'.  After lunch, we looked at pulleys and levers and how they allow a smaller force to have a greater effect.  We then finished the day off by investigating buoyancy by creating our own boat from tin foil.  The boats that had the largest surface area were able to hold more weight before they sank.  We have all thoroughly enjoyed the day and learned a lot to help us with our science topic.

European Day of Languages - September 2019

What a day we had! We were treated to a variety of languages in Year 5.  We learned how to sing 'Happy Birthday' in Hungarian, some Spanish phrases, German phrases and food.  Special thanks go to Tobi, Max, Henry and Diala.


Knowing the Risks of Social Media - September 2019

We have been discussing how to stay safe on-line and our focus this week was the importance of knowing that who you are talking to is who they say they are.  We discussed top tips on how to safely check on the person we are speaking to, how and who we should report it to if we are worried and how to keep our accounts set to private.  We then followed this up by playing the Google 'Interland - Be Internet Legends' game (focussing on Reality River) to reinforce what we had talked about in class.  This session has proved to be useful for some members of our class already.

*See our class links below to access this game at home.  It is best to play this in Google Chrome.

Multi-Sports Afternoon - September 2019


Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon at the Multi Sport Festival at Maiden Castle.   Pupils took part in Jiu Jitsu and cycling.  They built upon their Jiu Jitsu skills previously acquired during sessions in school, to the point where they were able to do short sparring sessions.  The instructors were very impressed with the high level of talent they saw in our pupils.  The behaviour of our Year 5 pupils was exceptional.  They clearly demonstrated our school values and they were a credit to our school.



Links to the curriculum plans for Year 5: