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Class of 2018-2019

Yearly Overview 2018-2019

Our last day as Year 3. It has been a wonderful year with lots of learning and plenty of fun. Thank you to all the children for being hard workers, very resilient and a brilliant part of Key Stage 2. Good Luck next year!

10/07/19 - Ukulele concert 


We performed five pieces in front of parents and the rest of the school. We really enjoyed our rendition of 'Roar' and our beautiful song 'One little voice.' Thank you to Mrs Glover for helping us and teaching us the ukulele this term.

18/06/19 - We had a visit form the June Project today and we looked at different ways to pray and reflect.

17/06/19 - We had a go at Irish Dancing today.

Maths- We have had fun exploring 3D shapes using Play dough and sticks.

Homework - We made some wonderful Egyptian objects for homework. Well done everyone!

12/06/19 - Today we loved Jiu Jitsu and a few of us have been inspired to go along to a class outside school.

07/06/19 - Celebration of Reading Day. We had a super day today. We read the Egyptian Cinderella and enjoyed reading in our new reading rooms.

22/05/19 - More Science! This week we were testing magnetism.

16/5/19 - We investigated friction today!

10/05/19 - Superb Homework on European Countries Year 3! There have been so many wonderful posters and pieces of writing handed in, I am very proud. We have even had Star Awards and Headteacher's awards and we have made a new display because there were so many fantastic bits of work!

Fun at Handwriting club!

07/05/19 - We went to a Mini Tennis festival today and learned a lot of new skills while having a lot of fun. Well done to our competition quartet who came fourth today.

03/05/19 - We visited the Oriental Museum today and learned a lot of new things about the Ancient Egyptians. I wonder what our favourite fact was?

24/04/19 - Destination Judo. We had a great session and some of us have even expressed an interest in doing Judo outside of school!

Mar 2019 - We became architects and designed and built our own buildings for homework. How many different kind of buildings can you see?

11/03/19 - We had fun creating our shadow puppet shows today. Here is just one of our performances:

Still image for this video

07/03/19 - World Book Day. We spent the day exploring Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl followed by launching our new PE/ Literacy topic, 'The Little Shoemaker'. Look at our wonderful costumes!

06/03/19 - We started our road safety course today and learned all about the Green Cross Code.

28/02/19 - Year 5 lead our intra-festival today. We had a lot of great activities to do and we loved it - despite the weather!

25/02/19 - We investigated shadows today. We found out that opaque objects make the best shadows and we now know how to make a shadow bigger, smaller and move without the object moving.

04/02/19 - With Kristie, our Science into schools student, we took part in the marshmallow test. Twenty-two of us managed to resist eating the marshmallow for ten minutes in order to be awarded a second one. We learnt about willpower and working hard to achieve our goals.

04/02/19 - At Handwriting club today we focused on our fine motor skills. We tried to balance monkeys on the tree.

01/02/19 - The snow didn't stop us today! We had a great time at our Multi-sports festival and played some awesome games!

28/01/19 - After learning about crochets, quavers, minims and semibreves we composed and performed our own piece of percussion music.

Some of Year 3 have been busy on some spelling and handwriting activities.

23/01/19 - We visited All Saints Church today as part of our RE curriculum. We were on the hunt for Christian Symbols. We found 7 different symbols and counted 27 crosses inside the church.

Happy New Year

08/01/19 - We had a great day today with PRIMARY ENTERPRISE WORLD learning about: urban areas, how much houses cost, what bills we have to pay each month and raising money for charity. Thank you to our visitors.

Merry Christmas

20/12/18 - We had fun at our Christmas Party.

03/12/18 - The Dogs Trust visited school today and Year 3 were lucky enough to have a workshop. We learned how to care for dogs in the workshop and how to stay safe in the whole school assembly. We all really enjoyed it. Thanks to Katie from the Dogs Trust.

20/11/18 - In Design and Technology we have been looking at structures. Today we made towers using spaghetti and marshmallows.

16/11/18 - Children in Need. Year 3 looked at how our money helps children in Durham and inside our Pudseys we have drawn how the money is used.

14/11/18 - Anti-Bullying Week. As part of our school focus on Anti-Bullying we wrote an acrostic poem about how to be a good friend and to respect one another. From these we chose our best lines and filled this tree with our respect tags.

15/11/18 - We celebrated and learned about Diwali today. Jayamini de Silva came in to talk to us about Hinduism and Diwali and help us create Rangoli art. All the children thoroughly enjoyed it and really enjoyed learning about another culture.

15/11/18 - We wore odd socks for Anti-Bullying week to show that being different is alright. We also created some acrostic poems thinking about respecting each other.

31/10/18 - Spooky Math day at Finchale. We had so much fun working out who stole the Halloween pumpkin.

29/10/18- Prehistory Day. We had a great time today learning all about prehistory by examining a skeleton, making Iron Age coins and investigating ancient artefacts.

Stonehenge was built in... a half term! Super effort made by all, they are brilliant. On our display now we have a spot for some Stonehenge facts so I am challenging the children to write up their super facts as neatly as they can and to and come and pin them to our board. How many can we get?

12/10/18 - We have been learning all about fossils. Take a look at our creations we made at home.

01/10/18- Today we used our new running track to map out the timeline from the first cave art in 37,000 BC to when the Romans arrived in Britain in 43 AD.

01/10/18- Handwriting Club started today in Year 3. We had a lot of fun, and if anyone wants to join us, speak to Mrs McGuire.

28/09/18- We really enjoyed our golf trip today. We all learned new skills and had many laughs along the way.

21/09/18 - European day of Languages at Finchale. Year 3 looked at Portugal. We had a wonderful day speaking some Portuguese, learning about the country and trying new foods. Look at our new Portugal display.

05/09/2018 - During our first day in Year 3 we created our own class rules and promised to follow them all year.