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Welcome to Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 class page. We hope you find it very useful to see what exciting activities we will be  taking part in this year.

Making Blood

World Book Day


Investigating Shadows

Acapella Singing at the Gala

Finchale Maths Day

Our Christmas Cards

Captain Chemistry

Captain Chemistry paid Year 6 a visit with electricity as a focus.  We looked at static electricity, created a physical series circuit, investigated how adding components to a circuit affected the brightness of bulbs and made our own wind turbines.  After this, we had a scenario of a statue in a museum that needed protecting by an alarm.  We had to create a circuit so that when pressure was applied the buzzer (alarm) would not sound, but if someone tried to steal the sensor the buzzer would sound.  We made some fantastic creations.

Adam Bushnell

Year 6 had the pleasure of a visit from Adam Bushnell.  The focus for the session was World War 2 and the Blitz.  During the afternoon, Adam showed replica weapons and used the five senses to help pupils to imagine what it would have been like to have been around during the Blitz.  From this, pupils created fantastic first-hand recounts.  They finished the afternoon off by creating a piece of artwork with a gas mask as the focus. 

Remembrance Service

Year 6 led our Remembrance Service by sharing the work they had carried out on the poem 'Flanders Fields' and what the poem meant to them. 


We carried out an investigation to see what effect yeast can have.  We placed a teaspoon of yeast, a teaspoon of sugar and some warm water in to a bottle with a balloon placed over the top. Every ten minutes, we observed to see if anything had happened.  Over time, we observed that the balloon was rising and this was due to the gas that had been produced due to the reaction of the yeast, sugar and warm water.


As part of our work on classifying animals, we created our own classification key.  To do this, we created a set of scientific questions to group animals as to whether the answer to the question was yes or no. We set our work out on our tables so that we could see it clearly.  After we had completed our classification keys, we then checked other groups to see if they were accurate. We really enjoyed carrying out this activity.

European Day of Languages

In Year 6 we focussed on Spain for European Day of Languages.  We learnt a song, the numbers 1-20 and learned key phrases.  We then carried research into Spain's traditions, food, schooling, landmarks and its language. After this, we created posters all about Spain.

Colour Run

We had our annual Colour Run in September and, as usual, it was great fun. 


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