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Year 1

Welcome to our class page!

We've had an excellent start to our journey through Year 1 -  keep your eyes peeled for some pictures to show you. I can't wait for the rest of the year ahead and there will be lots more content to come on our page.

Let's have a year to remember!

Snowball phonics is one of our favourite games! Our favourite part of the game is when we’re allowed to throw our snowballs.

We used some manipulatives in maths to help us to order numbers within 10. We really enjoyed this practical task and could create our own number sequences ordering them from smallest the greatest.

We have been really enjoying our Music sessions with Mrs Glover and we are learning to keep the beat as well as understanding the tempo in music too. In this session we were pretending to be mice and cats to show the tempo of the music. What fun we have!

We enjoyed a nature walk today and as part of our science topic we were observing the weather too. Some of us had and excellent idea to use leaves to help us decide which direction the wind was blowing. It was a cloudy day with some sunny intervals!

We also had a taste test and tasted some interesting and tasty Italian food. We even tried olives and found that some of us loved them! Everyone was willing to try everything and we had great fun trying some Italian food!

On Finchale day of languages, we had a fantastic session with Madame Hamill who taught us some Italian words and Italian phrases. We couldn’t believe that ‘tarantula’ was an Italian word!

Look at the beautiful butterfly that paid us a visit as we were doing some jobs! We were all super quiet and were amazed by the colours we saw on the butterfly.

We had great fun taking part in the colour run! We were covered in colour and enjoyed listening to the music and we ran around our running track. This made our day and in fact, our week! What a fantastic activity!

In Maths we have been sorting objects by colour, shape and size. Here are some of the objects we have sorted!