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Religious Education

           Religious Education

Statement of Intent

It is our intent for the Religious Education element of our school curriculum to engage, inspire, challenge and encourage pupils, thus equipping them with the knowledge and skills to answer challenging questions, explore different religious beliefs, values and traditions and develop a more rigorous understanding of the numerous religious traditions, beliefs and practices that are followed in our multi-cultural society. We want them to have an understanding of how religious education promotes discernment and enables pupils to combat prejudice, preparing them for adult life, employment and life-long learning.

How do we implement Religious Education?

Take a look at our curriculum map.

Visiting All Saints' Church


As part of Year 3's RE topic this term we are looking at: What can we learn about Christian worship and beliefs by visiting churches?


We spent the afternoon with Rev. Caroline at All Saints' Church looking at what objects in the church can tell us about Christian worship and beliefs.


As a class, the five objects we decided to look at in more detail was: The font, a bible, a dove, the altar and the pascal candle.


We will be continuing our topic back in school and by visiting another Christian place of worship.