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Statement of Intent

The intention of the History Curriculum in our school is to carefully sequence the events so they are appropriate to the age and experiences of the pupils studying them. At all stages, we aim to link the curriculum studied to previous content and concepts and then signpost this new learning to future links.  At Key Stage 1, the sequence of learning across Year 1 moves from History within the child’s living memory to looking at familiar features in the recent past and then gradually beyond living memory. A strong local thread runs through the content choices in Key Stage 1 to build on pupils’ prior knowledge and lay the foundations for future learning.


At Key Stage 2, knowledge is sequenced chronologically from the Stone Age through to the Mayans in Year 5. In addition to the local dimension to the studies of the Romans, Anglo Saxons and Vikings, Year 6 will look into local heroes of World War I. A thematic study of an aspect of life since 1066 has been intentionally placed at the end of Year 6 to allow children to build on prior learning. Throughout Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, the disciplinary knowledge of history is woven into the content choices to support effective learning of History and the readiness of pupils for their next steps.

Please find below our History Long Term Plan for KS1 and KS2:
History in action at Finchale!

Autumn - Year 3 are learning about the Stone Age to the Iron Age. Along with our Geography topic of the UK we have been looking at stone circles around our country. For homework we re-created some of these stone circles from various materials. We hope we can inspire you to learn more about the UK's stone circles!