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Children's Mental Health Week 2023

Children's Mental Health Week is taking place from 6-12 February 2023 and is an opportunity to shine a spotlight on and raise awareness for children and young people's mental health. 

The theme this year is "Let's Connect".


Throughout the week we will be engaging the children in assemblies and activities linked to the theme "Let's Connect" - making meaningful connections.  People thrive in communities, and this connection is vital for our wellbeing.  Having healthy connections to family, friends and others can support our mental health and sense of wellbeing.


As a school community, we will be encouraging children to use clothing and colour to express themselves on Thursday 9th February.  Your child/children's Dress to Express outfit can be as simple or elaborate as they like (but keep in mind that they still need be warm and wear sensible shoes for outside).  Dress to Express is an opportunity for self-expression and celebrating a diverse range of emotions.  The day also provides a great opportunity to be open about mental health and start conversations within our school community.


Place2Be is a children's mental health charity and they have provided some free Parents and Carers resources at

Check out the BBC Videos below. These can be used at home for families to connect, improve mental health and well-being and just have FUN together too! 

Staff had fun in the Photo Booth too! Check out the photos of the children in the Photo Booth by looking in the class sections below.

In our whole school assembly we talked about Children's Mental Health Week and the theme "Let's Connect".