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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

Year 3 were very excited to visit the Oriental Museum to learn more about their Ancient Egypt topic. When we first arrived, we became archaeologists by handling artefacts from Ancient Egypt. We had to study them, by drawing, measuring and carefully handling them, in order to predict what they could be. Year 3 also took part in a Gallery Trail to find out more about life in Ancient Egypt; including what they wore, ate, how they wrote and how they worshipped. We even got to see a real life mummy! The final part of our day consisted of acting out the Weighing of the Heart Ceremony to see if the pharaoh was able to pass on into the afterlife. 

PTA Easter Egg Hunt

Year 3 perform Mamma Mia

As part of their music lessons, Year 3 have been practising playing Mammia mia on the ukulele. Aren't they fabulous?



Mamma Mia

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Science Week: Which biscuit is best for dunking in cold milk?

In Year 3, we investigated which biscuits would be best for dunking in cold milk. We discussed how we could measure if a biscuit was ‘good for dunking’ and decided that we would time to see how long a biscuit could stay half submerged in a glass of milk before it broke. We had 3 different biscuits to investigate – digestive, oat and chocolate digestive. Before we did the experiment, each group made a prediction to see which biscuit would last the longest and why. In our groups we each had a role: timer, dunker and recorder of results. After completing the experiment, we came to the conclusion that the chocolate digestive biscuit was the best biscuit for dunking, as it still hadn’t disintegrated after 5 minutes. We realised that the chocolate worked as a protective shield, helping to hold the biscuit crumbs together.

Bread experiment

Year 3 have also set up an experiment to see what happens when you leave a damp piece of bread in a clear zip-lock bag. They have chosen to place bread by the window, in the book corner, in a drawer and by the sink. We will keep observing the bread over the next few days and weeks to see what happens.

Year 3 had fun competing against children around the world as part of the Mathletics challenge for World Maths Day.

Year 3 visited All Saints Church to see how Christian symbols are used in worship.

Year 3 took part in a pentathlon. They practised their jumping, running, throwing and balancing skills.

Year 3 celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as their favourite book characters and writing book reviews about Journey by Aaron Becker.

Year 3 have been practising their oil pastel skills and produced mixed media portraits of themselves wearing Ancient Egyptian head-dresses.

Year 3 spent their enterprise day thinking about their neighbourhood. They learnt that you live, work and socialise in your neighbourhood. In the morning they had a £150,000 budget to build a house, before finding out about the huge number of jobs that are needed to build a house, from civil engineer to plasterer to kitchen fitters. In the afternoon, Year 3 had to create a brand new product for their local café. They had to design the product and design a poster and presentation to promote their product. There was lots of brilliant teamwork going on in Year 3 and Miss Wilkinson, Miss Timms and Ms Arnell were really impressed with their creativity and presentations.

Year 3 have been learning about remainders when dividing.

In English, Year 3 sorted adverbs into those that show time, place and cause.

An Egyptian adventure with Adam Bushnell.

Year 3 enjoyed a visit from Adam Bushnell. They spent the afternoon planning their own Ancient Egyptian story. They first designed and created a mythical temple guardian, before coming up with riddles for the guardian to say. Next they had to design a set of traps for them to get pass, before finally reaching the treasure at the centre of the pyramid. Year 3 wrote some clever and imaginative riddles and are excited to use their planning to write up their Egyptian story. 

Invasion Games

Year 3 part in an afternoon of invasion games as part of the inter-house sport competition. They had to work as a team to pass the ball into the opposite end zone. The children worked hard in their teams, playing fairly and ensuring that everyone was involved. They also enjoyed practising skills that they had been working on in their PE lessons.

Year 3 have been getting into the Christmas spirit by making mindfulness paperchains to decorate their classroom.

Year 3 had a spooktacular time at the Halloween disco!

Year 3 have started to create their own comics using the iPads

Year 3 performed the song Cauliflowers Fluffy to celebrate Harvest.

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Year 3 spent a fun and messy afternoon cave painting. After they had gathered berries, mud, sticks, leaves etc from around the school grounds, they had a go at making their own paint. They then used their fingers, sticks, feathers and charcoal to create their own cave paintings.

Year 3 spent time finding natural items around the school that would have helped them to have survived during the Stone Age.

Year 3 learnt Russian for European Day of Languages. We learnt how to write our name in the Cyrillic alphabet and learnt how to say please, thank you and hello. Mrs Hamill taught us how to have a conversation in Russian. In the afternoon we tried cold, beetroot soup and syrniki (Russian pancakes) made with cottage cheese.

Watch our volcano eruptions with Captain Chemistry.

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Watch our volcano eruptions with Captain Chemistry.

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Watch our volcano eruptions with Captain Chemistry.

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Year 3 had a visit from Captain Chemistry. They investigated which acidic liquids would make the biggest explosion for their volcanoes (lemon juice, lime juice, cola, malt vinegar, distilled vinegar).

Year 3 had a visit from Captain Chemistry. We set up an experiment to grow salt crystals and are waiting patiently to see what happens.

Year 3 had a visit from Captain Chemistry. We looked at different types of rocks and fossils, learnt about the rock cycle with the aid of a cheese toastie and made our own fossils.

Year 3 had a visit from Captain Chemistry. We investigated the different layers of soil and dug around in compost to see what organic matter we could find. We also found a lot of worms.

Year 3 had a great time trying out and improving their golf skills at Maiden Castle.

We pretended to be hunter-gatherers from the Stone Age. We went round school to see what natural things we could use to survive during the Stone Age.

Year 3 loved taking part in the Colour Run. Look how colourful we are!

Year 3 investigated how rocks get eroded due to weathering

We have some football superstars in Year 3

Year 3 found out how long ago the Stone Age really was with the use of a toilet roll.

Well done to everyone in Y3 who took part in the Junior Great North Run

Year 3 have started becoming TT Rockstars, by practising their times tables on the new iPads.

In Maths, we have been making 3-digit numbers with Base 10.

During the first week back, Year 3 read the book Silly Billy by Anthony Browne and made their own Worry Dolls to help settle into Year 3 and Key Stage 2.