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smileyWelcome to our School Council and School Groups web page...


noWe hope you like our photographs and will be able to recognise us around school, we represent your views at our meetings so please let us know your what you think about things!

laughWe have a pupil noticeboard outside with our photos on it.

mailThere is a post box near the photocopier for your suggestions and ideas for improvement. If you want to drop us a note we would love to hear from you!  

smileyFollow the link below for anti-bullying, Mini-Bud, Buddy and Mediator information. 

Thank you to all our school councillors from last year, you did a great job!

School Council 2019 -2020.

Our new School Council members.

Calym and Mae Y6
Josh and Jessica Y5
Charley and Imogen Y4
Ava and Charlie Y3
Elisha and Seth Y2
Maddie and Walter Y1
Penny and Austin. Reception
Thank you to last years school council, for all of their hard work.

School Council 2018-2019

Bodhi - Reception Class
Molly - Reception Class
Eloise - Year 1
Lewis - Year 1
Myles - Year 2
Emily - Year 2
Phoebe - Year 3
Dylan - Year 3
Josh - Year 4
Isabella - Year 4
Patrick - Year 5
Fergus - Year 6
Caitlin - Year 6
School Council in Action
School Council in Action

School Groups 2018 - 2019

Playground Leaders
Music Monitors
Bench Monitors
Fruit & Milk Monitors
SWAG - School Worldwide Awareness Group
School Sports Organising Crew

To see our Mini Buds, Buddies and Mediators follow the link below....