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Year 6

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Welcome to our page where you can find important information to do with Year 6.  We are very much looking forward to having a fantastic time in Year 6 while we have new learning experiences.

Important Documents

Captain Chemistry

We had a fabulous day learning all about 'Light' with Captain Chemistry!  We investigated whether light can travel around corners and how to change the size of a shadow.  We made our own periscopes and telescopes and marvelled at the work a microscope does. 

Automata Animals

As part of our DT work, we have created our own automata animals.  We had to learn about cams and followers, use a junior hacksaw to ensure we had the correct size wood and put it all together to make sure that it worked.  We had to show resilience when things didn't quite go to plan. By the end, we were all very proud of our work.

Festive Fun Run

As part of our Christmas celebrations, we took part in the Festive Fun Run.  We had to dodge obstacles and avoid the bubbles. We all had a fabulous time.

Crazy Circuits

Children in Year 6 have been investigating how various components in circuits work. As part of this, they investigated how they could change the volume of a buzzer by adding cells (batteries), bulbs or additional wires.  Year 6 drew the circuit, using the correct scientific symbols, they then predicted what they felt would happen to the volume of the buzzer before they recorded their results.

Celebration of Maths Day

In Year 6, we came dressed for Celebration of Maths Day in many ways!  As part of the day, we took part in a range of mathematics challenges and a TTRockstars battle. We really enjoyed it.

Colour Run

Today, we took part in the colour run.As we ran round the running track, members of the Durham Sports Partnership threw various colours of powder at us.  By the end, we were covered from head to toe and looked very colourful. 


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National Fitness Day

As part of National Fitness Day, we took part in a session with Leanne.  She kept us very busy with star jumps, burpees and circuit training. We definitely felt like we had taken part in a fitness session and our resilience definitely came in very useful!


Dancing with Tin Arts

We had a special session with Tin Arts to explore different ways we could move our bodies. We then put these movements together to create a final routine.