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English Activities 2018-2019


Hello and welcome to our English page, I am Mrs Lennox English Co-ordinator and this year we are going to spend time on Reading for Comprehension throughout school. We are also going to launch a book exchange  for pupils using our outdoor classroom.   We are hoping that later in the year parents may also want to be involved in a book exchange.    

Celebration of Reading Day at Finchale. June 2019.

The KS1 winners of the Extreme Reading Competition. June 2019

KS1 Reading Room Progress, April 2019

World Book Day Assembly 7/3/19

The Children Working with Artist Julianne on Reading Room Designs, February 2019

Exciting News, February 2019

Have you noticed the structures in our playgrounds?

These are our new Reading Rooms and children will be working with artist Julianne on designs for the outside so keep watching to see how they develop.

Who will be first to read inside our Reading Rooms...


Book Club Autumn 2018

During Autumn Term the Y4, 5 & 6 Book Club have read Varjak Paw by S. F. Said. They were entertained by this story of a house cat who finds himself in the wild where he learns to stick up for himself and his friends, mastering his own special style of martial arts in the process! Our readers have enjoyed acting out key scenes from the book and have been particularly intrigued by the quirky style of illustrator Dave McKean. While listening to each other reading the story, they have been noting down interesting new vocabulary and trying to recreate some of the illustrations. What will they read next?

N.B. Our Book swap is open in the entrance hall for adults.