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Welcome to Reception Class!

Reception Graduation Day

We received our Reception Year Books.

Graduation Picnic

We did a doorstep visit to all of our Home Learners to drop off their Reception Year Books. It was lovely to see the big smiles. Everyone is looking forward to coming back to school in September.

Rockstar Day!!!!!

It’s alphabet time!

Still image for this video

Storytime- 6th July

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The Big Sing
Dragon crafts (inspired by Princess Mirrorbelle and the Dragonpox)

Making dragon eggs - green bubble

Making dragon eggs - orange bubble

Paper plate dragons - green bubble

Paper plate dragons - orange bubble

Paper chain dragons - green bubble

Paper chain dragons - orange bubble

Lollystick dragons - orange bubble

Making Father’s Day cards

Orange bubble

Making wands - Green Bubble

Making wands - orange bubble

Home Learning - Superworm

Superboys and Supergirls completing the exercise challenge!

Measuring and comparing worms

Theo has been so interested in all of the minibeasts he's been learning about, he's built a bug hotel in his garden. Look at the snail that is on its way to stay there!

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Look at the 'Painted Lady Butterflies'.

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Two butterflies were released at the weekend.

Each caterpillar has now formed a chrysalis and changes will be taking place inside. It'll take 7 to 14 days for those changes to happen so keep watching...

Charlie is looking after some caterpillars. Keep checking in to see how they are changing.

Home Learning - The Very Busy Spider

We're going on a spider hunt!

Making spiders and webs

Spider based maths

Home Learning - The Hungry Caterpillar

We've been getting creative, making caterpillars and butterflies!

Look at our symmetrical butterflies, they're the same on both sides!

Cutting fruit in half and making a fruit salad!

We've been practising sharing so everyone has the same.

More maths fun!

Practising 'ow' in words and sentences as well as other writing.

Emily saw a caterpillar and butterfly when out on a walk with her family.

VE Day Celebrations - 8th May 
Home Learning - Pirate Week 
Thank you so much for all of the effort with our Home Learning tasks. We love to look at your photos so please keep sending them. 

Designing repeating patterns for our telescopes

More Pirate Maths

Oi ship ahoy! We have been practising our phonics when reading and writing.

It is important that pirates understand floating and sinking so we investigated it too.

We were set a challenge to make a ship that floats!

Making Maps, Parrots, Hats and Pirates

Other Home Learning

Food Glorious Food!

Keeping Fit!

Being Creative

Message from staff on 20th April 2020 - Please share with other families. 


Hello boys and girls!

We hope you and your family are staying safe and making memories, this is a journey that we're all in together. Remember that it is important that you are all safe. 

We are missing you and can't wait to be back together, we bet you have all grown so much already.

We'll be in touch next week to share our next learning. 


With love from Mrs Morton, Miss Stewart and Mrs Rice xx



This week, White Rose Maths Home Learning is based on one of our favourite books, Supertato! Why not check out the activities each day?

Take a look at what we will be learning.

What are we doing in school today?

After reading ‘The Little Red Hen’ we wanted to bake some bread but there was no flour available. So, we made toast, enjoying it with butter and jam. It was the first time some of us had made our own toast.

We had great fun this afternoon creating our own farm themed word search!

To fit in with our theme of farms we have been digging up our own crops. Everyone did some amazing digging. Could you write a list of the crops that may be grown on a farm? What can you find in your garden?

Great fun with Joe Wicks at 9am today!

We started our day by doing an active PE session following Joe Wicks’ 30 minute video. It was a great start to our day!

In KS1, our theme this week is Farms. Today we have been thinking about what you might see if you were to visit a farm and we designed our own farm! Could you join us in doing the same? Could you design your own farm? ☺️

March 2020


World Book Day

Year 5 children read our favourite books to us. We loved it!

Our first visit out of school was to an agility session at New College.

Warming up,

Keeping Healthy
January 2020
Chinese New Year

We heard the story of Nian the monster and learned why red is a lucky colour in China.

Michael taught us about the Chinese Dragon and Chinese Lion. Chinese dragons don’t breathe fire!

We fed the lion. It didn’t like fruit and vegetables, only red envelopes!

We acted out the story of how the years got their names.

We dressed up in the lucky colours of red and yellow/gold.


During anti-bullying week, the whole school participated in an ‘Odd Socks Day’ to celebrate that we’re all unique and it’s ok to be different.

We went on a walk looking for signs of Autumn. We ticked things we saw off on a checklist.

We made characters from leaves we found.

We supported Children In Need by having a non-uniform day.

We mixed our own salt dough to make our lamps with.

As part of our learning about Diwali, we made Rangoli patterns using coloured rice powder.

We looked at Mendhi hand patterns then designed our own.

We could choose from various media and materials to add colour to our poppies.

Lots of us watched fireworks over the weekend, we colour mixed our own paints and made a firework picture.


Phonics was so much fun today...licking a lolly will help us remember ‘l’.

Some of us came to our first PTA Hallowe’en disco. Can you tell who is who?

Spooky Maths Day

How many marshmallows and chocolate chips did you add?

We had to sort the special spooky stones and give reasons for our choices.

We made potions, counting out how many cups of water we needed to fill the bottle, then chose ingredients to add. 

We produced repeating patterns using vegetables to print with.

Andy from our local fire station came into school to tell us about his job.

We were allowed to sit in the fire engine.

European Day of Languages
Reception learned about Spain and the Spanish language. 

We tried flamenco dancing.

We made a Spanish flag using our handprint.

We dressed in red or yellow, or wore a Spanish football strip.

We decorated paper ready to be folded to make a beautiful fan.

We tried different Spanish foods.

We tried chorizo, paella, potato croquettes, figs and orange.


We took some sangria to Mrs Whitton and Mrs Grabham.

We’ve been busy out of school too!

After finding lots of spiders in our Outdoor Classroom, we decided to find out more.

We went on a web hunt.

We talked about our new school family and how we are similar and different to our friends. After looking in a mirror, we made a self portrait.