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Class of 2018-2019

June 2019

Big Play Day - a celebration of music. We performed ‘When the band begins to play’.

We enjoyed an Irish dancing taster session with Kat from the O’Hehir School of Irish Dance.

Celebration of Reading Day - we dressed as a character from a book. Who can you spot?

May 2019
Can you believe it?

We got to school to find this... the evil pea had visited our classroom.

Ian from ‘Destination Judo’ came into school to deliver a taster session. We loved the balance and speed activities.

April 2019

3SIXTY Bicycle Stunt team came into school to perform a show for the whole school. We were amazed at what they could do!

Ian and Brett had a competition to see who could jump the highest over a jump. Brett won!

Ian and Brett went up the ‘ladder’ on 1 or 2 wheels, then jumped off the end.

They jump up on the beam, then up onto the van!

Mr Addinall was chosen to help out in some tasks! He was so brave.

Our Spring Hunt - We searched the school grounds looking for signs of spring.

Making Easter nests - we investigated how chocolate changes when warmed and cooled. They tasted good too!

We visited Hall Hill Farm.

Even though it was very cold, we walked around the farm to look at and feed many animals.

We had a bumpy tractor ride around the farm.

We had lunch in a barn and Heth dressed one of us as a cow.

After lunch, we all had a turn to feed a hungry lamb.

We had chicks on our knees. Some wouldn’t keep still and some even pooped!

We were lucky enough to see a lamb that had just been born.

We could hold or stroke guinea pigs and rabbits if we wanted to.

We finished off our visit by visiting the soft play area.

March 2019

We made cards for Mothering Sunday. We hope our Mums all like them!

Wear a Hat Day 2019 - we raised money for brain tumour research.

The P.T.A. paid for us to see a production based on the story of ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’. Some parts were funny, some parts were a bit scary.

We tried some of the fruit from Handa”s basket. We had to pick a favourite from banana, pineapple, tangerine and avocado. We will use this information to make a pictogram..

World Book Day - We dressed up as a character from a book.

Pancake Day

We watched the pancakes being made and talked about the changes we observed. After choosing the topping (chocolate spread, lemon and sugar or golden syrup) we got to eat them!

We made pans and pancakes from card and paper, then had some pancakes races. The wind made it quite tricky!

After reading ‘Handa’s Surprise’ by Eileen Browne, we made play dough fruit and cut it in half using a real knife.

February 2019

3D ‘fat’ shapes - after looking at 3D shapes we had to work in small teams to create a building using all of the shapes we were given. Some were easier to balance than others!

Chinese New Year

We made blossom trees using paint with brushes and our fingers.

We tried a variety of foods- noodles, plum sauce, prawn crackers and lychees.

We acted out the story of Nian the monster to find out about the importance of the colour red and fireworks at Chinese New Year.

We looked at different Chinese artefacts.

As it is the Year of the Pig, we made a pig shadow puppet and performed a puppet show.

We performed the story of the animal’s race. Some of us dressed up.

Thank you to all our Reception families who took part in the Ice Cube Home Challenge. You certainly noticed lots of changes and had fun!

January 2019


Hayley from the School Nursing Team came in to talk to us about keeping our hands and teeth clean.

December 2018

Party Day - we had great fun at our party with the Year 1 and Year 2 children.

We enjoyed our party food.

November 2018

We had fun decorating the Christmas Tree. 

We each chose our own bauble or toy and took great care to put it on the the tree. We put the large decorations at the bottom and the smallest at the top, taking great care not to drop them! 


We made poppies, choosing to use paint, pens or tissue paper.

October 2018
We enjoyed ‘Spooky Maths Day’.

Lots of us came to school with spooky or mathematical outfits.

In the outdoor classroom, we had to find as many objects as we could in 1 minute.

We talked about how many we had found and tried to record it on paper.