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Science is Fun! Archive: 2020-2021

Science Activities 2020 - 2021

The children have had some great science lessons this year and have taken part in many experiments. Captain Chemistry has visited us in school again; the children always enjoy his sessions. 

Year 1 were investigating waterproof materials with Captain Chemistry.

Then they constructed the tallest, strongest structure they could, that would support the little man, using art straws.

The children then made a box, that would protect an egg from being smashed when it was dropped from a height. They needed to choose materials that would protect the egg. Some of eggs were smashed but others were well protected and didn't break.

Year 2 exploring plants.

Making spinners and testing them outside.

Planting Bean seeds.

Year 3 examining the parts of a flower.

Year 5 exploring the impact of dropping different objects from a height.

Year 5 enjoyed their session with Captain Chemistry. Working in groups, they made a marble run course. They competed to see whose marble made the run in the quickest time.

Year 5 were trying to clone Geranium plants and some children were successful!

Year 6 experimenting with circuits, to see if they could make a complete circuit to light bulbs and set off buzzers.

Year 6 had great fun learning about light and how it travels, with Captain Chemistry.

Past Science activities 2017 - 2019.

Science Activities at Home and at School

Here are some of the science activities we have been enjoying:

28/11/19 Years 5 & 6 visit The Centre for Life. They spent the day using a coding programming to move a Lego space buggy, navigating it over the surface of Mars, learned all about time travel in the planetarium, made missile launchers and watched an amazing science show. What a great day!

14/11/19 - Captain Chemistry came in to Year 3 today and taught us all about forces and magnets. We: separated materials into magnetic and not magnetic; thought about how compasses work and made our won compass; looked at forces on a boat and created our own boat; explored the forces needed for a rocket and launched our own on the yard. Thank you to Captain Chemistry for a great day!

October 2019 - Year 3 have been exploring Rocks and Fossils this term. We have completed many investigations and learned a lot of new things. As part of our homework we made fossils at home from various materials. We had a lot of fun during this topic!

Sept 2019 Year 6 investigating how the brightness of bulbs in circuit can be changed

June 2019 Captain Chemistry visits Finchale! Year 5 carried out a number of activities relating to reversible and irreversible changes

June 2019 Year 5 enjoy a Science lesson at Framwellgate School investigating the absorbency of different materials

Years 4, 5 and 6 thoroughly enjoyed experimenting within a range of Science topics during British Science Week. Year 4 experimented with colour absorption, static electricity, fruit and vegetable circuits, the disintegration of eggshells and the phenomenon of gravity. Y5 & 6 experimented with the effective use of materials for various purposes,  how an egg can be protected when being dropped from a height and the idea of weight distribution when making bridge structures. The children really developed their skills and knowledge as scientists and had a wonderful time in the process.


A Beginners Guide to The Universe, 16/11/18

Dr. Pete Edwards, from Durham University Physics Department, came out to school to deliver a talk called ‘A Beginner’s Guide to the Universe’, to pupils in Year 5. The children had the opportunity to ask Pete questions about planets, black holes, galaxies and supernovas to name but a few. The children were fully engaged and thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. This really helped increase their knowledge and understanding of their topic work and they have learned so many new facts.

Thank you to Dr. Edwards!

Explosive Food by Sarah-Jane from the Royal Institute of Science, 6/6/18

An explosive ending to the presentation...

Still image for this video

Community Show for Parents/Carers/Family - Royal Institute of Science, 6/6/18

Community Session Experiments

Still image for this video
Thank you to the parents who came along to the show and extra special thanks to our volunteers, who did all live to tell the tale of the exciting experiments!

Staff Training from the Royal Institute of Science, 6/6/18

It was very exciting inside the Planetarium...

Thank You Dr Brown, Trey and Durham University

A very big thank you to Dr Anthony Brown and Trey from Durham University for coming along to visit us with a mobile Planetarium.

We learnt a huge amount about how stars are formed and how they die, the importance of the constant North Star (Polaris) and how it is used for navigation purposes. The constellations were fascinating and beautiful to see. Key Stage 2 children also thought an astronomer's job was really interesting and it opened their mind and imagination to the types of careers available to them.  

A Beginners Guide to the Universe 30/10/17

Many thanks to 

noDr Peter Edwards

Director of Science Outreach and Science and Society officer in the Department of Physics, Durham University


noDr Beth Bromley Bromley

Lecturer in the Department of Physics, Durham University

for taking our Year 5 & 6 pupils on their fascinating learning journey through the universe...