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September 2023


Wellbeing Welcome Week

Our first week back after the summer holidays was

Wellbeing Welcome Week.


The children from Reception class through to Year 6 were introduced to the Zones of Regulation in class and during whole school assemblies. In class the children also took part in a range of activities to support their wellbeing.


Each class has an interactive display so the children can identify their emotions throughout the course of the day.




The Zones of Regulation provides an easy way to think and talk about how we feel on the inside and sorts emotions into four coloured Zones.  It can then foster self-regulation and emotional control.


For example, given a stressful or frustrating experience, a person who can self-regulate well is able to remain calm and organised to successfully negotiate the event.






Meet the Teacher

On Wednesday 13th September there was an opportunity for parents and carers to come into school to meet class teachers.


Our school Parent Support Navigator, Elaine Webster, was also situated in the hall to introduce herself to anyone passing though school. 


Elaine is part of the Piece of Mind team and is a point of contact for families to help lead them through the Children and Young People's mental health system.  She can offer family support within the school setting and community venues.


If you would like to speak to Elaine you can contact her on 07769 131394 or you could always ask Mrs Rice to facilitate a meeting.


Year 6 Friendship Support

On Wednesday 13th September, Karen from the Emotional Health and Resilience Team came into Year 6 to deliver a programme of support based upon friendship.

As a core part of school life, children need friendships to develop socially, emotionally and cognitively to get the most out of school and life in general. Friendships are vital in terms of emotional wellbeing and development, providing children with a sense of purpose and belonging as well as developing important life skills like getting along with other people, empathy and conflict resolution.



Colour Run

We held our annual Colour Run in school on Thursday 14th September.

Being active is known as being one of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing


The children had a fantastic time!


Many thanks to the School Sports Partnership for coming into school to run this event!

Jiggly Jog

We also held our Finchale Family Jiggly Jog on Friday 22nd September.

It was another example of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing.

Our families could   FEEL CONNECTED, BE ACTIVE and GIVE.



Well done to everyone who took part!


 Staff CPD 

On Monday 25th September,

Kate from the Piece of Mind Team very kindly delivered an informative staff CPD session linked to Anxiety.

We looked at what anxiety is, the different types of anxiety and behaviours relating to it.

Many thanks to Kate for delivering the session - it was very useful.



October 2023


World Mental Health Day

10th October 2023 was World Mental Health Day and the theme was "Mental Health is a universal human right".  It was an opportunity for everyone to improve their knowledge, and raise awareness, of mental health issues.

We held a whole school assembly about this and were set a task by Ant and Dec to discuss what is on our minds.  This was done as a homework task or some of us did this in class, along with other activities to support mental health.

November 2023

World Kindness Day


Monday 13th November 2023 was World Kindness Day. 


The day serves as a reminder of the positive impact that kindness can have on individuals, communities, and the world at large. It encourages people to perform intentional acts of kindness and foster a culture of compassion and generosity.



We celebrated this with an assembly about kindness to others as well as ourselves. Kindness is something we discuss in school a lot - it is one of school values and is recognised as being a very important quality for us all to have.  In the afternoont the children took part in activities in the classroom.