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Hello and welcome to our Arts page. I am Mrs McGuire and I am delighted to be the Arts Co-ordinator at Finchale. I have a background in dance and welcome the opportunity to look after The Arts at Finchale which is a thriving area for our school.

The Arts

Music, Singing, Dance, Movement, Visual Art, Drama, Poetry.


There are other areas of our website that also contain information about The Arts.

Class Pages - Class assemblies and activities in class show how learning about The Arts is embedded in many of our lessons.

Sports Page - this shows lots of dance and movement.

Celebrating Achievement - this shows many individual and group achievements with music, drama, dance and visual art all represented.

Seasonal Events - this shows many individual and group activities like music, singing, creative art, drama and performance.

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Ukulele in Y2, 17/10/18

Ukulele in Y2, 17/10/18 1
Ukulele in Y2, 17/10/18 2
Ukulele in Y2, 17/10/18 3
Ukulele in Y2, 17/10/18 4
Ukulele in Y2, 17/10/18 5
Ukulele in Y2, 17/10/18 6
Ukulele in Y2, 17/10/18 7
Ukulele in Y2, 17/10/18 8

Open the Book Assembly, 16/10/18

Rev. Caroline and Maud came to visit and during our assembly they told us the story of Samuel and Eli. We enjoyed joining in and acting out parts of the story. 

Art Professional Development 24/9/18 Led by Susan from Inspire, Explore, Create