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Welcome to Year 6

We aim to make this year fun and enjoyable through our creative curriculum. We are covering ‘World War 2’ this term. Under this umbrella we are going to be incorporating as many aspects of the curriculum as possible. We will then move on to ‘Change’, where we will look at ‘Britain Since the 1930s’ and ‘Crime and Punishment Across the Ages’. In the Summer Term we will be focusing on ‘Mighty Mountains and South America’, paying particular attention to the country of Brazil. Across the year, there will be opportunities for school visits and enrichment days, including a World War 2 themed day later this term where children can come to school dressed as evacuees.

Harvest Competition Entries 20.10.17

Harvest Competition Entries 20.10.17 1

Harvest Competition Winners

Harvest Competition Winners 1 Jessica
Harvest Competition Winners 2 Jack

British Cycling

As part of our campaign to get everyone in school more fit and active, our Year5 and 6 pupils are working with British Cycling to further develop their cycling skills. The pupils enjoyed the cycling session enormously and, when interviewed, explained how they loved the challenge of the hill on the school field. Some pupils found cycling uphill was a challenge from a fitness point of view and others mentioned cycling down the hill safely was a real test of control. Thomas explained he learned how to position his hands on the handlebar so that he could now achieve much greater control. Ethan said he learned how to use his bike gears correctly and when to change them. Pupils were also shown the best way to position their pedals  and the best line to take when cornering.