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Year 6 Class of 2016-2017

Year 6 Class of 2016-2017 1

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Summer Term 2017: Mighty Mountains

Spring Term 2017: Changes

Welcome back to Year 6.  This year we will be finding out how children were affected by World War 2, looking at crime and punishment through the ages whilst discovering how Britain has changed through the decades (starting with the 1930s) as well as studying mountain ranges in South America.  It is going to be an interesting year!


As part of our World War 2 work, we will be having a World War 2 Day - watch this space for more details. 


We are busy starting our rehearsals for our Christmas production - Happily Never After - which offers a different version of events than those found in traditional fairy tales.



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Enterprise at Finchale

Year 6 are thoroughly enjoying Enterprise Week.  So far, we have created our company name, carried out consumer research, made our own ice-creams and invited members of staff to our taste-testing session.  Watch this space for more information!

Easter Egg Hunt

Our PTA very kindly set up a Easter egg hunt for all pupils in school.  Cards with values on them were scattered all around the grounds for our pupils to find.  Great fun was had by all!

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Fashion Through the Ages

As part of our work on 'Britain Through the Ages' we had the fortune of having a mini fashion parade courtesy of Jennie's Gran who very kindly brought in a range of clothing for us to try on and admire.  It certainly raised a few questions of the fashions back then compared with those of today.  


Basketball Training

We were very fortunate to have one of the coaches from Durham Wildcats help us to improve our basketball skills.  We perfected our dribbling runs, passing techniques and shooting skills. Our new found skills will be put to the test at our upcoming basketball tournament.

Y6 Gifted and Talented Day Hild/Bede College, Durham University.

A huge well done to our Year 6 pupils who attended the Gifted & Talented day at Hild/Bede College which is part of Durham University. They took part in a number of activities including; balance test, speed bounce, hi-stepper, standing long jump and target throw. Their performances were timed/measured and they all received a certificate showing their results.

Ty-McGurk 5 a-side Football Trophy

Six of our Year 6 boys played 5 games and were unbeaten until the final. Unfortunately, Pittington won the final, even though Finchale gave an excellent performance!  Lez (Coach and Caretaker at Finchale) said he was proud of the boys and they were excellent, mentioning their team work in particular. They were runners up, but were also a credit to Finchale.


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As part of our work on rationing in World War 2, we made biscuits following a recipe that was used during the time.  We thoroughly enjoyed making the biscuits and we thought the biscuits were especially delicious.  This work helped us to strengthen our understanding of what it was like to live during a time of rationing. 

Happily Never After

Key Stage 2 performed their fantastic Christmas production of Happily Never After.  We had the obligatory baddies, our Fairy Godmother and fairies, Widow Twanky and the ugly sisters, to name but a few! The story wasn’t your particular fairy tale with many twists and turns along the way but friendship won the day.  We were so proud of all of our children but special congratulations has to go to the actors and actresses in Years 5 and 6 who were simply brilliant! We were all very proud of their confidence on stage and they were an absolute joy to watch. Well done, everyone!


Remembrance Poetry

As part of our work on British Values and World War 2, we have been exploring how soldiers must have felt when they were fighting during World War 1 and World War 2.  One of our tasks was to look at the poem 'Flanders Fields' by Major John McCrae.  We started off by considering the imagery of the poem and what it made us think of.  From this, we developed some amazing writing where we quoted lines from the poem and what it made us think of (some of us had the opportunity to read out our thoughts and feelings during our special Remembrance Day assembly). 

Next, we looked at the artist Austin Kleon and his work on blackout poetry.  We discovered how he took a key word from old newspapers and built a message around it whilst blacking out the rest of the words.  So, we then decided to do this with Flanders Fields.  We took the word that meant the most to us - some of us picked 'faith', 'hope' or 'the torch'.  We then looked at building a message around this and developed our own message.

After this, we then boxed out our message on another version of the poem and used the images we considered during our initial work to develop a poem combined with art work to reflect our thoughts and feelings.  We were very pleased with the end result!  

Remembrance Day Service

Mini Police Decorating the Christmas trees at Police Head Quarters

Children in Need Day

Finchale Mini Police visit the Riot Training Centre

Earlier this month, some of our Year 6 pupils visited the Rioting Training Centre as part of our Mini Police duties.  We found out that the riot shields carried by the police are very heavy and that they have to wear a lot of protective gear.  Whilst there, we even got the chance to see a training exercise taking place.  We thoroughly enjoyed the day and we are looking forward to our next engagement as Mini Police.

**Five pupils also gave up their own time on the 5th November to help sell poppies at the Arnison Centre and in Central Durham.  Between them, they raised over £150! Well done to Caomhe, Elizabeth, Sam, Charlotte and Jennie.

Finchale Mini Police Visit Scrappy Dog 3rd November 2016

Finchale Mini Police Visit Scrappy Dog 3rd November 2016 1
Finchale Mini Police Visit Scrappy Dog 3rd November 2016 2
Finchale Mini Police Visit Scrappy Dog 3rd November 2016 3
Finchale Mini Police Visit Scrappy Dog 3rd November 2016 4
Finchale Mini Police Visit Scrappy Dog 3rd November 2016 5
Finchale Mini Police Visit Scrappy Dog 3rd November 2016 6

Natalie and Jake from Year 6 went to Police HQ to visit Scrappy the Fire Dog, a fire and rescue dog who has a very special job. He searches burnt buildings finding the seat of a fire and sometimes can even pick up the scent of any person involved in setting the fire! They visited to give him a get well card because he has a broken leg. We wish Scrappy well with his recuperation, he has four weeks of holiday to recover and then will hopefully be back to detecting crime soon.

STOP PRESS: Ron Hogg's Office (Labour Durham, Police and Crime Commissioner) sent an email to say what a fantastic job our children did on their visit and what good ambassadors they were for our school and perfect role models as Mini Police. 

Tag Rugby 20th October 2016

Tag Rugby 20th October 2016 1
Tag Rugby 20th October 2016 2
Tag Rugby 20th October 2016 3


We have had a great day learning the correct technique for hula hooping and how to carry out some interesting tricks.  Even our teachers joined in!  Today, we have all learned something new and definitely feel inspired to continue hula hooping at home and in school.

European Day of Languages

As part of our French work this term, we are learning how to order food in a French café.  Mrs Hamill (one of Parent Governors) came into school to work with us to share her knowledge of what a French café is like and we learned how to order cold drinks.  We also learned a song about how to plant our cabbages, which involved some interesting actions - including planting a cabbage with our noses!  As always, we thoroughly enjoyed our day and we performed our song in front of the whole school at the end of the day.