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Year 5 Class of 2015-2016

Year 5 Class of 2015-2016 1

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Welcome to our page, we hope to share with you all of the wonderful things we learn in Year 5!

This term we have been learning all about the Vicious Vikings! We have found out who the Vikings were and where they came from, why they came to Britain and what they did when they were here. We have also investigated the attack on the monastery at Lindisfarne, writing a newspaper article about what happened to the monks and the treasures that the Vikings took. Next week, we are going to be looking at Norse myths and creating a comic strip about one of them. From this work, we will be putting our sewing skills to the test by creating a 'Talking Textile Wall' about one of the Norse Myths.

We hope you enjoy looking at the new skills we have developed so far this term.


Year 5.

Celebration of Reading Day


To celebrate our love of reading we held a special Reading Day. We all came dressed as different characters from a wide range of books.  In class, we have looked at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and from this we have designed and made our own chocolate marshmallows.  Not only have we done this, but we have worked out how much it would cost to make a pack of 4 and how much we would like to sell them for so we can make a profit.  We then designed the packaging for our product and even produced a sales pitch to persuade the manager at Sainsbury's to stock our marshmallows.  We have had a great day! 

Mini Police - Visit to Aykley Heads Police Head Quarters


On the 9th May all of Year 5 visited the police headquarters as part of their work as Mini Police.  Passing through the sunny woodland on our walk to meet the police, we were excited about what we going to do. 

Once we arrived, we were taken into one of the special meeting rooms.  We were told that we would be visiting the control room and the armoury. Little did we know, that the visit would be even more exciting than planned!  In the control room, we saw the operators dealing with calls from the public and they had to decide what course of action to take.  We were even able to see where the police cars were on a map. 

After this, we visited the armoury where we got the chance to hold some weaponry (which was unloaded!).  We thought that was it for the visit, but when we got outside we were in for a surprise!  One of the police officers had brought his motorbike for us to look at, we even got the chance to have a sit on it (Mrs Sleeman had a go on it too!).  The siren on the bike was deafening - we got a shock! 

The best surprise of the day was seeing the dog handler and his dogs! In fact, the dog handler was one of the police officers off the Police Interceptors TV programme! We saw Lottie, who was training, and Kaiser, who is well known on the TV programme and has helped to catch many criminals. 

Overall, we loved our visit to the police headquarters and we learned many things: the police aren't as scary as they seem (they were very friendly and helpful this morning); if you see a police dog, don't go over and stroke it - they are specially trained and they don't behave like a pet; there is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes than we realised; there are two sections to the control room to make sure it runs efficiently and there are 50,000 volts in a TASER (it's very loud and painful!). 

We now have a better idea as to how we need to act as Mini Police and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit.  We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who made the day as special as it was.

Year 5 smileyno


Mini Police

On the 27th of April we attended the reopening of Framwellgate Police Station.  We were representing our school in our role as mini-police.  It was an amazing opportunity to be chosen and to take part in such a special occasion.  A member of the public, whose father was an ex-special constable, used his father’s ceremonial sword to cut the ribbon to officially re-open the station.

During our exciting visit, we got to try on the uniforms and protection clothing that the police wear.  In addition to this, we also got to sit on a police quad bike! We were then shown around the police station and given some delicious food to snack on.

There were many important people from the police and the local community there. We felt very privileged to be included in the celebrations and we were made to feel very special.  We can’t wait to see what else we can be involved in as mini-police!

Mini Police

Another initiative with the mini police was for two of our Year 5 pupils to pot some new plants at the Framwellgate Police Station.  They planted blue and yellow grasses as these colours represent Durham.

Picture 1

Silly Science

We were so lucky to have the opportunity to take part in 'Silly Science' with Jenny.  During our session we learned about circuits, the body and how to cause a reaction with different materials.  The class favourite was definitely the 'touchy feely' boxes!

Easter Story

We went on our way to All Saints Church to find out about the Easter Story.  During our visit we got the chance to understand what happened, and why, and we were able to ask any questions that we had. The visit was educational and fun - we really enjoyed the drama element of the afternoon.

Lego Morning

We were so excited about the chance to build our very own Lego Olympic Village!  Bob explained about the different areas in the village.  Before we set off to work, he informed us that he had over 70, 000 pieces of Lego in school - we were very impressed!  We were all very proud of how well we worked together and the work we produced.  During the morning, we learned how important it was to communicate within our groups to ensure that each area of the village fit together and worked with the other buildings that each group constructed. 

Rocket Mouse!

In Year 5, we worked in groups to investigate different variables to do with Rocket Mouse. Each group was able to decide what it was they wanted to explore and had to devise their own investigation considering the variable they would change. We investigated the following to see if they had an impact on how far Rocket Mouse travelled:

  • The size of the milk bottle

  • The size of Rocket Mouse’s ears

  • The size of Rocket Mouse’s wings

  • The material used to make Rocket Mouse

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Unicef Day For Change

In the build up to Unicef day for Change, we held auditions for our very own talent show! Our final acts were chosen through a class vote.

Our class impressed the school with a magic show, impressions and a ballet solo (unfortunately, our singer had to pull out due to losing her voice!). 


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7


This term our topic is 'Spectacular Space' where we will be learning all about the Earth, Sun and Moon before discovering more about our Solar System. 

This week we are creating our own 3D planets, so watch this space for some cool pictures about how we created them. We are also finishing off our videos that we have created about the 1969 Moon landings. When we have finished these Mrs Sleeman will put them on our class page to share with all of you.


We hope you enjoy what you read and see on our page.


Year 5.


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Termly Topic Overviews

Lego Day!

We had an amazing morning with Bob, who came in to show us how to build an Olympic Village from Lego.  Bob demonstrated the various techniques that we could use to make the different structures. Once we had mastered what we needed to know, we were off!

We quickly sorted ourselves into groups and set off with our creations.  In our Olympic Village, we had everything from an equestrian centre to a velodrome (Bob informed us that this was the first time a velodrome had ever been attempted!).  We worked exceptionally well together as a team and we were very proud of our creations.

Unfortunately, we had to dismantle our amazing creations so the groups after us could build their very own Olympic Village! cool

We would like to say a huge thank you to Bob and Mrs Whitton for a wonderful morning! no

Creating 3D Planets

Creating 3D Planets 1
Creating 3D Planets 2
Creating 3D Planets 3
Creating 3D Planets 4
Creating 3D Planets 5
Creating 3D Planets 6
As part of our work on 'Spectacular Space', we have designed our own planet and drawn what it would look like from Outer Space.  We are now creating our own 3D planet, the Year 5 classroom is a hive of activity with PVA glue, strips of paper and balloons being used to create the planet before we paint it on Friday.  Stay tuned for more photographs!

Tim Peake's Visit to the International Space Station

Tim Peake's Visit to the International Space Station 1
Tim Peake's Visit to the International Space Station 2
Tim Peake's Visit to the International Space Station 3

This term we have been learning all about ‘Spectacular Space’.  As part of our work we have been watching the coverage of Tim Peake’s journey to the International Space Station.  We all gathered together and you could feel the excitement as 11:03am approached.  It was time for blast off!  We all held our breath as the Soyuz shuttle left the Earth’s atmosphere.

We will continue to monitor Tim’s time on the International Space Station with interest and hopefully we will be able to watch his descent back to Earth.

Police Helicopter

Police Helicopter 1
Police Helicopter 2
Police Helicopter 3
Police Helicopter 4
Police Helicopter 5
Police Helicopter 6
Police Helicopter 7

There was excitement all around as we saw the police helicopter approaching us in the distance. As it got closer and closer, it got louder and louder.  The helicopter actually landed on the Key Stage 2 yard! We all took turns to go into the helicopter and sit on one of the seats.  We also had some questions for the pilot and his crew!

French Christmas Songs

French Christmas Songs 1
French Christmas Songs 2
French Christmas Songs 3
French Christmas Songs 4

We were very lucky to have Mrs Hamill (one of our Parent Governors) visit us to teach us some French Christmas traditions and songs.  It was very interesting to find out how people in France celebrate Christmas and what special things they do on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Singing

Christmas Singing 1
Christmas Singing 2
Christmas Singing 3
Christmas Singing 4
Christmas Singing 5
Christmas Singing 6
Christmas Singing 7

At the beginning of December we very lucky to have students from Josephine Butler College, Durham University, join us to teach us some Christmas songs.

We practised Santa Claus is Coming to Town and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (which had an interesting twist!). After this, we performed our songs for the whole school.


Childline 1
Childline 2

We had a special Childline assembly, followed by a workshop in class where we watched videos of children who needed help.  This allowed us to see for ourselves what we could do if we were worried about ourselves or our friends.


We visited Elemore Hall to learn some survival skills to aid us in writing a survival guide.

This shelter is a lean to shelter. After collecting the correct materials, it was pretty easy to make.



Using flint and steel, we made fires using cotton wool and petroleum jelly. The cotton wool stayed alight for much longer. Ideal when trying to start a fire!


Sitting round our camp fire, we finished our fire lighting session with some toasted marshmallows.

We visited Framwellgate Primary School, along with other primary schools, in order to learn about computing and programming. We had to program a Lego hand to throw a ball using different software in mixed school teams.

Cildren in Need Day 12th November 2015

Cildren in Need Day 12th November 2015 1 Year 5 in 'Superhero' and non-uniform clothes.
Cildren in Need Day 12th November 2015 2 Assembly for the whole school.
Cildren in Need Day 12th November 2015 3 SWAG group leading our special assembly.
Cildren in Need Day 12th November 2015 4 Winners of the fancy dress competition.

Arts Award for Pupils

Arts Award for Pupils 1

During the last academic year, many pupils who are now in Year 5 worked with three writers, a songwriter, poet and playwright. Under Mrs. Patrick's guidance they produced lots of different types of writing and many of the pupils also made a portfolio. Those pupils who managed to complete all the required elements had their portfolios submitted to Trinity College, London for assessment.  The pupils pictured above were awarded "Arts Award Discover"  by Trinity College, supported by The Arts Council of England. this is the first time our school has entered pupils for this award and we are thrilled with the results.

The certificates were handed out during assembly and they say: 

"This award is for taking part in arts activities, finding out about artists and their work, and sharing personal experiences with others. The certificate holder has developed understanding of the arts and communication skills."