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Class of 2017-2018

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The topic that we are going to be exploring in this Autumn term is ‘Ancient Greece’. In the Spring term, we will move on to ‘Ancient Rome’ and then in the Summer Term we will learn about ‘A place called home: the UK’.

We will also be studying a number of brilliant texts in English and expanding our thinking across topics in Maths. In Computing, we will be focusing on logical thinking and creating presentations, animations and games on screen. There will also be a focus in French on exploring new vocabulary and linking this with our own language, whilst in Art there will be time for creativity and exploration of new techniques. Across Science topics, we will take part in active experiments and develop our understanding of living things, electricity, sound and states of matter.

Songs for our Class Assembly

Peloponnesian War

Theseus the Minotaur

All Greek to me

We're the thinkers

Wooden horse of Troy

Harvest Competition 20.10.17

Harvest Competition 20.10.17 1

Harvest Competition Winners

Harvest Competition Winners 1 Callum
Harvest Competition Winners 2 Lucy

Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon at the Quicksticks Festival. We practised our skills, focussing on technique, control and tactics. Then we played a series of matches in a mini-league format. It was great fun and it was great to practise and apply our skills even further.

*European Day of Languages* We started our session by revisiting our use of vocabulary such as 'bonjour', 'comment tu tappelles?' and 'ça va?'. Then we looked at key words linked to our topic of 'les transports' and we practised how to say how we travel to school. Finally, we had great fun learning a French song that we later performed in a whole school assembly.

Today, Year 4 took part in fitness activities for National Fitness Day. It was great fun and it really got our hearts racing!

In PE, we have been learning all about Hockey. We have loved learning new hockey skills!