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Spring/Summer Lunch Menu 2018

Lunches work on a 3 week repeating pattern:

Week One/Week Two/Week Three

There is a sign in the kitchen window to let you know the current week.

School Nutrition Action Group (SNAG) working hard to help school...

School Nutrition Action Group (SNAG) working hard to help school... 1

Our hard working group of pupils (with Mrs Sleeman) have been helping to bring about positive change for children in school. After collecting pupil views and preferences, meeting with our school meal provider Taylor Shaw and our chef,  new menus have been produced and copies sent out to each pupil. They show that one or two of the less popular dishes have been changed to ones the children prefer - many thanks to Taylor Shaw for listening and acting on this feedback.

The group also looked at packed lunches which resulted in the following article being printed in the Finchale Flyer.



Recently  we  have  been  noticing that  some  packed  lunches  are  containing sweets and unsuitable drinks. Please can you ensure that you provide your child with a balanced packed lunch with appropriate levels of protein, carbohydrate and fat and that it does not contain sweets. To be clear, one chocolate biscuit is OK but a bar of chocolate, bag of Haribos or a lollipop is not. Our SNAG group (Student Nutrition Action Group) is currently working on a school food policy for the governing body to consider.

Stress-free healthy school lunches for your child and easy payment via Parent Pay!


Call at the school office or telephone 0191 3865187 to order school lunches for your child. They cost £2.00 per day (correct as at 7.9.16)

Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating 1 To stay healthy it is important to drink water.